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Lighthouse Factory Solution

Lighting the way to a green future

"Green+Lighthouse Factory" is the solution that integrates sustainability and smart manufacturing, fostering eco-friendly and efficient production that aligns with future sustainability standards.

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User Stories

Empowering Your Competitive Position with

  • Profound Expertise in Discrete Manufacturing
    Profound Expertise in Discrete Manufacturing

    With a rich history of constructing and transforming lighthouse factories in discrete manufacturing, our extensive experience shines through. Having successfully developed the Sany Lighthouse Factory, we possess formidable capabilities and a wealth of expertise in crafting and revamping these cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.

  • Comprehensive Capabilities
    Comprehensive Capabilities

    Positioned as a leading international player in the industrial IoT landscape, we bring a holistic approach to factory transformation. Our prowess extends beyond borders, ensuring a transformative impact on factories worldwide, delivering tangible benefits to enhance operational efficiency.

  • One-Stop Platform with Myriad Applications
    One-Stop Platform with Myriad Applications

    Unveiling a seamless journey of customization, our avant-garde solutions encompass ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform and a myriad of applications. With an array of in-house developed tools, we provide a one-stop, end-to-end solution for factories. From conceptualization to execution, our tailored approach ensures a harmonious integration of cutting-edge technology, which tops the ability reach to the lighthouse factory standards.

Tailored for Your Excellence

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    Planning and Consulting

    At ROOTCLOUD, you can rely on us for end-to-end lighthouse factory planning and design consultancy. From top-level strategic planning to intricate detailed designs, we empower you with customized solutions for an efficient and optimized factory layout.

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    Light up Your Factory

    ROOTCLOUD leverages the construction experience of Lighthouse Factory to offer you a one-stop service, covering planning and design consulting, integration and implementation, project declaration, and operation iteration.

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    Factory Transparency with Visible Data and Scalable Tech

    ROOTCLOUD offers you an IoT infrastructure for "Lighthouse Factories" to boost scalability and interoperability by linking network nodes, improving visibility, accelerating Decision-Making, and standardizing data exchange between applications through a central data lake.

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    Reach Sustainability from Blueprint to Greenprint

    ROOTCLOUD is able to help you realize energy data collection and monitoring, optimizing consumption. We also support comprehensive emission analysis and reduction planning, aligning with global standards like ISO 14064/14067, GHG Protocol, PAS 2050/2060, GRI, TCFD, and more.

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    Factory Automation and Cost Savings

    ROOTCLOUD empowers your factory with automated event recognition and decision-making, facilitating unmanned operations. Our solution ensures seamless order response, automated production, and remote control, leading to substantial cost savings. This translates into heightened operational efficiency, streamlined production, and agile management for your business.

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    Lighthouse Factory Declaration

    ROOTCLOUD offers expert assistance in lighthouse factory declaration, from digital use cases to technological upgrades. 

See Real-World Possibilities

  • Visualization and Decision-Making
    Visualization and Decision-Making

    Connect your industrial equipment, establish device models, digitize your machinery, and achieve comprehensive visualization.

  • Factory Powering Sustainability
    Factory Powering Sustainability

    Deliver robust functionality for energy management and carbon emissions control, tailored to industrial needs, ensuring efficient resource utilization and emissions reduction within your industrial operations.

  • Automated Logistics
    Automated Logistics

    Provide integrated features for automated warehousing and logistics to achieve intelligent and streamlined management of processes, including Automated Storage and Retrieval System(AS/RS), Warehouse Control System(WCS), Automated Guided Vehicles(AGV), and more.

  • Automation Advancing Agility
    Automation Advancing Agility

    Revitalize your manufacturing with our expertise in upgrading flexible automation lines. Our tailored solutions enable quick adjustments, enhance efficiency, and ensure a seamless transition to advanced, adaptable production processes, saving both time and costs for your factory.

  • Site Control and Asset Management
    Site Control and Asset Management

    Perform real-time safety recognition of on-site employee behavior, monitor their locations, and issue safety alerts. Additionally, manage asset inventory, inspections, and maintenance operations effectively.


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