Foton Cummins: Digital transformation of the advanced engine production

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In the past, Beijing Foton Cummins relied on conventional industrial control machine testing techniques, which posed challenges including limited data acquisition frequency, suboptimal real-time capabilities, insufficient quality assessments, and rigid detection rule configurations. The digital transformation has presented an opportunity to elevate the quality inspection process and facilitate the optimization of operations.


ROOTCLOUD enhances assembly processes with real-time monitoring and offline quality analysis, utilizing industrial data and AI for improved quality inspection and smart production upgrades.

  • Data Collection and Edge Computing

    ROOTCLOUD provides assembly data acquisition system development, edge computing system development, and a distributed big data platform for engine assembly, addressing transparency issues in the assembly process.

  • Process Quality Analysis

    Development of process quality analysis business systems and AI analysis technology to enhance quality control and support process improvements.

  • Smart Assembly Platform

    ROOTCLOUD's platform replaces traditional methods for engine assembly, allowing real-time monitoring and offline quality analysis.


  • Data Capability Enhancement

    Significantly increasing the frequency of on-site data collection.

  • Enhanced Monitoring Capability

    Building an edge computing system and business system, developing real-time monitoring functions for assembly, and facilitating the digitalization and transparency of the assembly process.

  • Optimized Quality Judgment

    Improved fault detection rates through the post-oil-seal press-fitting process.

  • Process Optimization

    Providing various process detection and analysis rules and tools, empowering customer process engineers to independently conduct process analysis and accumulate experience rules. It integrates three statistical models, a judgment rule library, and an AI-based process quality analysis optimization module.

    ROOTCLOUD's digital solution has not only elevated the efficiency of online production site inspections for Foton Cummins but has also strengthened its data and monitoring capabilities, quality judgments, and process optimization. This achievement led to being recognized as a 2020 Global Lighthouse Factory.



"As a global power solutions provider, Beijing Foton Cummins always strives to offer safe, reliable, and advanced products to our customers. In recent years, with our business growth and increasing demand for customized products, we raised the bar for product quality testing. ROOTCLOUD provided us with a complete solution, covering data acquisition, edge computing, cloud storage, and model building. This comprehensive solution significantly improved our online inspection efficiency at the production site."


Mr. Qiu Guosheng, Deputy Director of the Manufacturing Engineering Department at Beijing Foton Cummins