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Intelligent Carbon and Energy Platform, Your one-stop Net-Zero solution.



Product Features


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Empowering Your Competitive Position with

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    Faster Inventory

    With abundant inventory models, streamlined workflow, and automated data collection, carbon inventory is not a tedious task anymore

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    Easier Report

    Generate standard-compliant reports for public disclosure, 3rd-party verfication and stakeholder communication

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    Smarter Reduction

    Identify emission hotspot and reduction potential with real-time, flexible data dashboard. Establish science-based net-zero strategies by simulating marginal abatement cost

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    More Than Carbon

    Manage enterprise ESG data and report following GRI, TCFD and other international guidelines

The Features We're Proud of

Activity Data Collection
  • Automate data collection via IoT, API or manual input

    - Integrating with IT system
    - Connecting to devices and sensors via our ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform
    - Creating manual data reporting tasks
    - Performing data quality checks

Carbon Footprint
  • Built-in models for both corporate and product carbon footprint

    - Industrial templates
    - Emission factor databases
    - Lifecycle assessment model

Value Chain Survey
  • Gather Scope 3+ data by collaborating with suppliers and consumers across the value chain

Data Dashboard
  • Insightful and customizable data dashboard to continuously track progress

Report Generation
  • Automatically generate reports that are compliant with standards

    - ISO 14064/14067
    - GHG Protocol
    - PAS 2050/2060
    - TGO

Carbon Assets
  • Blockchain-based carbon assets management for RECs and Carbon Credits


See Real-World Possibilities

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    Corporate Carbon Footprint

    Transform your corporate sustainability journey with iCEP. Easily track and manage your carbon footprint, leveraging automated data collection and insightful analytics. Make sustainability not just a goal, but a reality.

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    Product Carbon Footprint

    For product developers, iCEP demystifies the carbon footprint process. From material sourcing to delivery, gain precise insights to reduce environmental impact and proudly showcase your product's green credentials.

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    Investor Relations and Green Financing

    iCEP boosts your appeal to green investors. Showcase your commitment to sustainability with clear, compliant ESG reporting. Attract environmentally-focused investments and build trust with stakeholders through transparent and accurate sustainability data.

Working with Some of the Best

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