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Secure, reliable IoT hardware.




Governance Toolkit

Multiple Scenarios, Multiple Choices,
Unlimited Connections

  • T_AMS-P.png
    T-AMS P

    Safe and stable

  • T_AMS-V.png
    T-AMS V

    SmartLink future

  • T_AMS-M.png
    T-AMS M

    Affordable with uncompromised quality


  • T-AMS P
    Safe, stable and consistent

    186.3 mm * 81 mm * 43.5 mm

    • IP67 rating, dust/ water/moisture-proof protection
    • V-0 flammability rating
    • Effortlessly withstands harsh outdoor environments
    • Data storage up to 3 months
    • 8 hours of operation during power outages
    • Supports data retransmission and resuming transmission from breakpoints, ensuring stable and secure data transfers
  • T-AMS V
    Smart Connection, excellent choice for electric vehicles

    163.2 mm * 105 mm * 30.4 mm

    • A wide array of data collection interfaces
    • Cater to the diverse needs of both electric and fuel-based equipment
    • Accommodates up to 3 CAN channels, 10 DI channels, 6 DO channels, 8 ADC input channels, alongside 1 RS232 channel and 1 RS485 channel
    • Build your own Smart Connectivity Scenario
    • Enable data interaction between the battery swapping station and the vehicle
  • T-AMS M
    Cost-effective and easy to install

    91.6 mm x 59.5 mm x 17.28 mm

    • Multiple structure options for easy installation
    • Various anti-tampering alarms, more safe and reliable
    • Built-in relay, no need for external expansion, more control possibilities


Balancing the Focus between Equipment Management and the Equally Critical Task of Terminal Oversight
  • Why is terminal oversight important?

    The terminal serves as the fundamental link for equipment-to-cloud communication. A problem arising with the equipment data in the cloud, it's likely due to an issue on the edge-side terminal.

  • What are the challenges?

    Many enterprises utilize techniques such as SSH for terminal management and local file access. This process, however, can be technically challenging for non-experts. Moreover, coordinating with technical staff often necessitates inter-departmental collaboration, leading to significant inefficiencies.

  • What's our solution?

    Display the data integral to operations and development in a visual approach. Should an issue arise within the equipment, non-technical personnel are enabled to inspect the edge-side configuration of the equipment for problems via a user-friendly interface.

  • What benefits do we bring?

    It lowers the barrier to problem-solving, enabling operational staff to troubleshoot minor issues without needing technical experts, thus streamlining department collaboration and increasing efficiency.

Present Complete Terminal
Information, Covering All Details

Access all terminal information on a single page for easy navigation through statistics, debugging, or troubleshooting
    • View the activation, online, and connection status of the terminal with the equipment

    • Access the operation log of the terminal

    • View and install applications compatible with the IoT terminal

    • Review terminal alarm notifications

    • Monitor traffic usage

    • Control IoT terminals remotely

    • View over a hundred operating parameters transmitted back from the terminal

    • Inspect and modify the settings of the IoT terminal

    • View terminal message information

    • Access point table information

    • Review terminal log data

JSON, Goodbye for Now, and Goodbye to Being in the Dark

The traditional process of local code editing, terminal transmission, and debugging is problematic and inefficient, raising operational barriers.

Seeing and understanding allow for efficiency

Through a user-friendly visual interface, execute configurations as instructed. Saving your changes finalizes the terminal setup, thereby doubling productivity.

Understand Batch OTA in a Different Way

RTMS uniquely manages resource packages such as point tables, configuration files, and applications online by category, enabling batch OTA via the Upgrade Tool. The installation progress of each terminal can be monitored in the task center, showcasing the unique transmission functionality of RTMS.

Functional characteristics