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Our Customers' Trust Stands
Firmly on Safety and Reliability

We are acutely aware of the significance of our services. Our core mission is to bring value to our customers while adhering steadfastly to principles of security, compliance, and privacy in all our business endeavors.

  • Secure Connections

    Globally, ROOTCLOUD serves over 1.8 million critical industrial devices for our customers. Most of these connections require embedded security protocols to be inherently secure. From controller hardware to RAP software, we aim to ensure optimized, continuous operation.

  • Data Compliance

    We work with trusted global cloud resource partners, such as AWS and Vodafone, adhering to all pertinent international laws. Our global compliance team rigorously tracks regulatory changes to ensure our products and services consistently meet these legal requirements, solidifying us as a dependable partner for you.

  • Handling Privacy

    At ROOTCLOUD, we respect and safeguard the privacy of all personal information from enterprises. In collecting, storing, and handling personal information, we consistently adhere to protocols protecting customer IP addresses, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of the user data.