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Your Digital Foundation for Intelligent
Manufacturing and Operations

IIoT Platform enables intelligent manufacturing and operations by connecting all industrial elements and accelerating industrial app development.



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Empowering Your Competitive Position with

  • Boundless Connectivity Horizon
    Boundless Connectivity Horizon

    Its device connectivity capabilities extend across 22 industries, with support for over 1,100 industrial protocols and nearly 1.8 million industrial devices connected.

  • Robust Pulse of Performance
    Robust Pulse of Performance

    It features an ultra-large model with 18,000 attributes per device. It supports customized aggregation for real-time computing with a massive sliding time window ranging from 1 second to 10 minutes. A single deployment instance can support up to 1.2 million device connections, with an access capability of 12 million points per second.

  • Federated Management Framework
    Federated Management Framework

    Designed for complex scenarios requiring group-level, cross-regional, and multi-factory unified management. It enables corporations to implement unified authority management, unified model management, unified device management, unified data management, and unified business rule configurations.

The Features We're Proud of

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    Comprehensive Data Element Integration

    Seamlessly connects every industrial data element, including machinery, OT, and IT systems, through a single, unified platform.

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    One-Stop Data Management

    Offer a complete data management solution that covers the full spectrum from data collection, modeling, and computation to storage and application, streamlining the data lifecycle at every turn.

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    Scalable Industrial App Framework

    With real-time, reliable data and a comprehensive suite of foundational services, accelerates the development of industrial applications, enhancing cost efficiency and business agility.

What Builds Us Strong Foundations

ROOTCLOUD IIoT Platform focuses on three key technologies - the industrial internet OS, converged IT/OT edge services, and modular industrial app development.

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See Real-World Possibilities

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    Smart Factory

    Utilizes data collected from production floor equipment and sytems, advanced data modeling, and analytics to boost manufacturing efficiency, lower operational costs, and elevate decision-making processes.

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    Digital Enterprise

    Enables centralized data and model management across industrial parks for group-based federalized management. Strengthens coordination, and achieves enterprise-wide intelligent management.

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    Intelligent Operations

    Realizes comprehensive, end-to-end intelligent management of construction machinery through IoT connectivity, covering on-site operations, scheduling, and financial settlements, resulting in enhanced labor efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and compliance.

You Can Set It up Effortlessly

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    Public Cloud
    • Suitable for small and medium enterprises

    • Information can be shared with the company's upstream and downstream partners

    • Easy to expand and upgrade

    • Cost-effective

    • No need for an extra operation and maintenance team

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    Private Cloud
    • Suitable for large enterprises

    • Real-time control on things

    • Stable and reliable with less network delay

    • Higher costs with super services

    • A professional operation and maintenance team

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    Hybrid Cloud
    • Suitable for enterprises that have hardware and intranet resources, but need to share data and information with the upstream and the downstream.

    • Hybrid cloud inherits the openness and resilience of public cloud and the high security and autonomy of private cloud.

Our Trusted Network is Here to Help You
Accelerate Your Business.

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    Cloud Technical Partners

    Elevate your data and analytics capabilities with purpose-built cloud data management, powered by our trusted cloud partners.

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    System Integration Partners

    Maximize the potential of your enterprise data technologies through delivery services and tailored vertical solutions.