AMATA's Green Journey: Empowering Sustainable Practices with ROOTCLOUD

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Adapt and increase their capability to effectively measure, and offset carbon to cope with climate change impact.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their operation to create a low-carbon society.

Develop climate-related products and services to their tenants & thus increase competitive edge.


ROOTCLOUD executed a comprehensive optimization strategy, beginning with the establishment of seamless industrial IoT connectivity in the engine plant. This initiative extended to modeling and analysis, refining equipment efficiency and precision. Quality improvements were implemented throughout the production process, supported by data analytics and AI for cost optimization. Real-time monitoring and analysis were instrumental in enhancing delivery performance.

  • IoT Transparency

    Utilization of the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform to ensure transparent and comprehensive disclosure of the carbon footprint.

  • Link to Sustainable Marketplace

    Link to marketplace for streamlined trading of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Carbon Credits, fostering sustainability in transactions.

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Strict adherence to ISO 1460 and Thailand Greenhouse Organization (TGO) standards, guaranteeing precise and timely submission of carbon reports for regulatory compliance.


  • Process efficiency optimization

    Enhanced MRV process efficiency by an impressive 30%, optimizing operations.

    Achieved a remarkable 30% enhancement in data quality, ensuring precision and reliability.

    Crafted a robust baseline using 2019 data, targeting a noteworthy 30% reduction by 2030.

  • Strategic Sustainability Initiatives

    Pioneered a cutting-edge carbon service business, contributing a notable 5%-10% increase to overall revenue.

    Attained a 100% fulfillment of carbon disclosure obligations to both internal and external stakeholders, reinforcing transparency and accountability.



“Collaborating with ROOTCLOUD and deploying iCEP software revolutionized our operations. Automating ISO 14064-compliant carbon calculations, iCEP led to a substantial 1,475 tCO2e reduction just in a single year. Recognized for sustainability, it supports Lighthouse Factory and ESG disclosure. Future plans include ERP integration for material tracking and using ROOTCLOUD's T-BOX for product carbon footprints, solidifying our commitment to global leadership in sustainable practices.”


Amata Corporation PCL