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Digital transformation of the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer

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As a high-end equipment discrete manufacturing enterprise, SANY's manufacturing mode is dispersed and independent, requiring a large amount of manpower and material resources, which leads to increased corporate costs. To meet the needs of high-quality development, SANY has embarked on a journey of digital transformation.

At the same time, the market has placed higher demands on service quality, and SANY urgently needs to establish a differentiated competitive advantage.


  • Summary

    SANY Group in collaboration with ROOTCLOUD, is implementing a comprehensive digital transformation. The entire process focuses on starting from the marketing, manufacturing, and operational sectors, and adopting a series of measures.

  • Key Factors and Data Connection in Factory

    ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform enable stable and real-time data collection from our factories, workshops, and production lines, including people, machines, materials, and systems.

  • Automation Transformation in the Entire Process Section

    Based on the unified platform, SANY has implemented automation transformation in the entire process section, including cutting, forming, welding, machining, assembly, painting, debugging, shipping, and warehousing logistics.

  • Industrial App Building and IT System Data Integration

    At the same time, various industrial apps have been built, and these IT system data are integrated into the ROOTCLOUD Platform for combined analysis with real-time field data.

  • Industrial Data Visualization

    Then this integration affords SANY the ability to scrutinize up-to-the-minute production insights on widescreen displays.

  • Global Construction Machinery IoT

    Furthermore, SANY has networked nearly one million pieces of construction equipment's real-time operational data connected to the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform.


  • Equipment Utilization Optimization

    SANY Group has connected a total of 20,000 "water, electricity and steam" meters, with a compliance rate of 95.16%; a total of nearly 1 million global engineering equipment has been connected, with a compliance rate of 98.64%.

  • Cost Saving in Energy Management

    Based on energy meter data, we established a production energy consumption optimization model, carried out energy efficiency identification and energy saving management of manufacturing processes, and achieved a year-on-year cost saving of 11.35% for the group, an annual saving of more than 70 million yuan.

  • Increase in Production Efficiency

    Establish the best working model of production equipment, and through intelligent identification of equipment operation abnormalities and optimization of machining process parameters, the equipment abnormality rate is reduced by more than 50%.



This is a true business transformation and ROOTCLOUD stands as our most instrumental digital partner, empowering us to retain our competitive edge and fuel sustainable development.


Huang Yunming, Vice President of Sany Group, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing