Transforming Aftermarket Services to Full-Scale Industry Platform

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As a key player in the crane manufacturing industry, Weihua Group focused on elevating equipment quality through intelligent manufacturing.

The industry faced challenges such as high safety risks in crane operations, lack of visual and monitoring tools, high costs, and inefficiency in maintenance.


  • Summary

    Developed a comprehensive digital industrial IoT platform for Weihua Group, significantly enhancing their equipment, energy, and aftermarket management capabilities. This platform effectively addresses the high safety risks and inefficiencies in crane operations, offering a sophisticated solution for real-time monitoring, proactive maintenance, and energy management.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

    Implemented systems for real-time tracking of operational status and fault alerts, enabling swift and proactive maintenance responses.

  • Aftermarket Service System with Remote Debugging

    Facilitated an efficient after-sales service system, integrating applications and visualization tools. This system includes remote debugging features, particularly beneficial for overseas equipment installations and after-sale adjustments, thereby simplifying the process and reducing response time.

  • Energy Management Optimization

    Enhanced energy management capabilities to achieve cost-efficient operations, significantly cutting annual operational costs.


  • Enhanced Equipment Management

    Achieved real-time monitoring and fault alert and repair of equipment operational status, enhancing equipment management efficiency. This aligns with the earlier mentioned 20% production increase and 12.7% service satisfaction improvement.

  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency Boost

    Optimized operation rates and durations led to a 20% capacity increase without additional equipment, significantly reducing costs. This is in harmony with the substantial cost savings mentioned in the Metrics.

  • Improved After-Sales Services

    Reduced maintenance cycles and travel costs, directly contributing to the 12.7% increase in service satisfaction, reflecting the solution's focus on enhancing after-market service systems.

  • Industry Impact

    The launch of the Weihua Crane Index substantially boosted industry influence and provided valuable references for government bodies.



"In our future collaboration with ROOTCLOUD, we aim to deepen research and analysis in 'Collection' and 'Usage' of equipment data. This will empower us to connect various types of cranes to the platform efficiently and stably, creating industry insights and value for our users and enterprises.

This partnership is key in advancing the development of the industrial internet and elevating the crane logistics equipment industry to new heights."


Weihua Group