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Jiahe Foundry's IoT & Blockchain Energy Saving Success Story

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As a consequence of their extensive global operations, Jiahe Foundry encountered a necessity for enhanced precision in management, notably concerning equipment utilization and energy management.


The solution is structured into four layers: data collection, platform, enterprise applications, and government oversight. It tackles challenges like complex park regulation, high energy consumption, and elevated production costs, driving the transition from "Jiahe Foundry" to "Jiahe Smart Manufacturing."

  • Algorithmic Processing of Complex Real-time Data

    Implementing current data collection algorithms for real-time data acquisition.

  • Energy Management and Production Efficiency

    Focusing on reducing electricity costs through equipment utilization and multi-dimensional energy consumption analysis.

  • True Data to the Government Monitoring Platform

    ROOTCLOUD, in partnership with ROOTCHAIN, has built the Jiahe Shared Foundry Innovation Platform which connects with a government monitoring platform with blockchain technology to avoid data counterfeiting.


Through digital transformation, Jiahe Foundry achieved increased equipment utilization, cost reduction, and significant electricity cost savings.

  • Improving Digital Skills

    Using visual screens to keep an eye on data in real-time and certify it, supporting the "dual carbon" goals.

  • Cutting Costs

    Managing energy use to make each heating unit 6.5% more efficient, saving 300,000 RMB annually.

  • Boosting Efficiency

    Making production management smarter through MES systems, refining processes, and increasing production efficiency by 10%.



"ROOTCLOUD has built the Jiahe Shared Foundry Innovation Platform. This digital bridge facilitates efficient communication, enabling government oversight and promoting Jiahe Foundry's transformation towards sustainability."


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