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Optimizing Global Concrete Machinery with Smart After-Sales and Operational Efficiency

  • #Intelligent Operation

  • Fuel Consumption


  • Diagnostic Efficiency


  • Downtime




Putzmeister's concrete machinery is distributed globally, with dealers and service stations in over 120 countries, necessitating a unified and transparent after-sales service platform. The company needed real-time global equipment distribution and operation data for flexible resource allocation, remote equipment condition monitoring and servicing to preempt failures and downtime, and efficient fault remote handling to enhance treatment efficiency and reduce manual after-sales costs.


  • Summary

    Provided Putzmeister with an intelligent aftermarket operation management solution via the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform. This solution encompassed remote equipment management and data-driven operational improvements, tailored to the global distribution of Putzmeister's concrete machinery. It effectively enhances service quality, reduces manual after-sales costs, and improves overall efficiency in resource allocation.

  • Intelligent Remote Equipment Management

    Offered an end-user platform for enhanced equipment value-added services using GPS and smart terminals, providing a robust tool for global operation management.

  • Data-Driven Operational Efficiency

    Enabled core services like remote equipment condition analysis and fuel consumption tracking to refine R&D, manufacturing, marketing strategies, and after-sales services.

  • Market Benchmarking and Analysis

    Utilized comprehensive data for market insights, assisting in the strategic enhancement of marketing and after-sales services.


  • Optimized Equipment Management

    Enhanced oversight and proactive maintenance strategies resulted in significant fuel savings and reduced equipment downtime, in line with the 20% fuel savings and 60% reduction in downtime metrics.

  • Elevated Service Quality

    Achieved through timely, data-driven support and smarter resource allocation, consistent with the improved diagnostic efficiency by up to 15% and an additional 10% increase in aftermarket service revenue.

  • Global Service Improvement

    The intelligent remote equipment management platform enhanced service quality globally, matching the aim of reducing manual after-sales costs and improving efficiency in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales.



"MachineCockpit, developed with ROOTCLOUD, transformed our customer service by providing real-time machine data, reducing downtime, and improving machine utilization. This partnership propels Putzmeister forward in our strategic digital transformation."


Sebastian Fuhrich, Putzmeister Innovation Management