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Building a Digital Steel Enterprise with "5G+Smart Factory"

  • #Lighthouse Factory

  • Data Utilization


  • Equipment Inspection Efficiency


  • Energy Usage Rate




New Tianjin Steel Group is eager to address the current shortfalls in procurement, production, management, and sales to establish a benchmark for digital transformation in the cold chain industry. 

Over the years, we have prioritized the establishment of various levels of automated systems which resulted in scattered data forming "data islands". There is a lack of authoritative data management standards and data governance tools, as well as a shortage of digital-savvy personnel. This has led to a situation where our company's information management is "large but not strong".


  • Summary

    ROOTCLOUD proposed the "5G+ Smart Factory" solution. Through the digital empowerment of the ROOTCLOUD platform, it focuses on business areas such as digital asset management for enterprises, prioritization of production plans, and data governance for enterprise applications.

  • Equipment Data Collection and Predictive Maintenance

    New Tianjin Steel Group established a unified predictive maintenance management platform for rotating equipment.

  • Industrial App Building

    Based on the IIoT platform and 5G network, New Tianjin Steel Group have built multiple applications including quality management, cost management, safety and environmental management, and smart park management.

  • Comprehensive Multi-dimensional Data Index System

    New Tianjin Steel Group forms an integrated data interchange and data fusion from materials, orders, production, warehousing, logistics, security, and other aspects. It establishes a comprehensive multi-dimensional data index system for the smart factory, deeply mining the value of data assets.

  • Visualization in the Centralized Control Center

    New Tianjin Steel Group has built a centralized control center for cold-rolled thin plate production and achieved comprehensive visualization of whole industrial data.


  • Increase in Data Utilization

    Based on in-depth data fusion analysis, the efficiency of developing operational indices has increased by over 50%, and the data usage rate has risen by more than 80%;

  • Improvement in Equipment Stability

    By constructing valuable applications, 7*24 alarm for equipment and diagnostic capabilities for malfunction causes are achieved. This significantly reduces unplanned downtimes, the efficiency of equipment inspection has increased by 50%, and a projected increase in equipment stability is anticipated to be 40%;

  • Increase in Energy Utilization

    Real-time monitoring of the production environment and equipment parameters allows for the optimization of the internal energy consumption management system in the factories, resulting in a 15% increase in energy usage rate, thereby assisting in cost-saving for enterprises;

  • Increase in Work Efficiency

    The working model has gradually transitioned towards online viewing of specific business activity information, reducing manual interference in data collection, processing, summarizing, and statistical work. This has led to a 30% increase in the efficiency of report compilation.



Through the digital services provided by ROOTCLOUD, we are accelerating the transformation of our cold-rolled thin plate business from a traditional model to a digital model.

This is comprehensively advancing the development of intelligent manufacturing, establishing an efficient digital 5G+ smart factory and becoming a first-class digital steel enterprise in China that leads the industry. I am very honored to work with ROOTCLOUD to set a benchmark for digital transformation in the steel industry.


Zhang Yinshan, Vice President of New Tianjin Group