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HIGER: Revolutionizing the Bus Industry with 'Smart Manufacturing'

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Higer Bus faces challenges in terms of transparent production control and equipment efficiency management. However, the digital transformation project offers opportunities to improve management efficiency and reduce costs.


ROOTCLOUD empowers Higer Bus to establish a smart factory, aiding various manufacturing workshops in digitized production. It eliminates information silos, bridges the internal production supply chain, and forges an industrial IoT platform within the company.

  • Data Integration

    ROOTCLOUD integrates data systems across manufacturing workshops, eliminating information silos.

  • Production Transparency

    Includes production safety measures. Utilizes RFID management systems and digital dashboards to provide real-time factory operational insights to management for informed decision-making.

  • Equipment Efficiency Management

    Achieved through energy management systems and production data collection, ensuring transparent energy consumption data and improved equipment efficiency and utilization rates.


In the collaborative effort with ROOTCLOUD within the framework of the "Suzhou Golden Dragon Digital Transformation Demonstration" project, significant advancements and improvements have been achieved, including:

  • Efficiency Boost in Equipment Management

    Enhancing workshop management efficiency through intelligent equipment transformation, expecting a 10% increase in equipment efficiency and utilization, with an estimated annual reduction of 10% in equipment procurement and maintenance costs.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption Costs

    Transparent energy consumption data, anticipating an 8% yearly reduction in equipment energy costs.

  • Operation Management Efficiency Improvement

    Reducing management costs by 10% through the "three reality" principle – on-site, real-time, and tangible – while significantly improving overall management efficiency.

    Breaking the current situation of "information silos," fostering data connectivity, and utilizing data dashboards to assist managers in decision-making, leading to a substantial improvement in overall enterprise management efficiency.



"Collaborating with ROOTCLOUD has been instrumental in providing us with powerful tools for transparent management of our production processes. It has set a benchmark for our future digital transformation initiatives. The ROOTCLOUD project team has been diligent, responsible, and responsive, addressing various technical challenges and refining several project highlights, effectively realizing the value of digital transformation for us."


Peng Yuyan, Director of Facilities Management Department, Higer (Suzhou)