DCAP's Carbon Footprint Revolution: Digital Solutions for Sustainability

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Find a reporting tool for GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions reduction action plan.

DCAP’s objective is to attain carbon neutrality by 2048, and subsequently, achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2063. In order to develop a prompt GHG emissions reduction action plan, they require an accurate CFO (Carbon Footprint for Organization) reporting tool that will enable them to establish their baseline emissions.


DCAP is partnering with ROOTCLOUD for essential consultation services and access to their Integrated Carbon and Energy Platform(iCEP).

  • Engagement with TUV SUD

    Additionally, ROOTCLOUD is facilitating DCAP’s engagement with TUV SUD, an independent verifier, to ensure the accuracy of their initial CFO report. The solution covers 5 boundaries including DCAP-1, SAT-1 Chiller plant, MTB Solar roof, PTC chiller plant, and TG Chiller plant including solar abatement information linkage based on IoT solution.

  • Connect to REC

    In the future, DCAP plans to connect to the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market online to acquire RECs for offsetting purposes, thereby achieving carbon neutrality.


  • Holistic Carbon Management Advancements

    Establishing a baseline for carbon emissions, DCAP achieved a holistic improvement in sustainability metrics, realizing a 40% increase in carbon reporting efficiency, ensuring a 0% error rate, and actively participating in Thailand's net-zero GHG plan. This approach not only guides efforts to reduce environmental impact but also leverages a digital platform to streamline reporting, eliminating errors and saving manual effort.



"With the assistance of ROOTCLOUD's iCEP, DCAP was able to promptly and accurately comprehend the GHG emission sources. This enabled us to save both time and money in determining their baseline emissions and producing a reliable CFO report."


Mr. Kuekul Mongkolsong, Business Development Officer