Advancing Global Textile Manufacturing with Smart Sewing Solutions and Enhanced Equipment Management

  • #Intelligent Operation

  • Repair Efficiency


  • Equipment Utilization

    Times Increase

  • After-sales Wait Time




Jack Sewing Machine's global reach and commitment to innovation demanded a digital transformation that could elevate their sewing equipment and production lines to meet the evolving demands of the apparel and accessories market.


  • Summary

    Integrated ROOTCLOUD's platform with Jack's operations to construct a globally interconnected smart sewing equipment management system. This integration has streamlined Jack's manufacturing processes, enhancing the efficiency and precision of their equipment management across their international market presence.

  • Cross-Border Interconnected Management

    Enabled seamless management across international borders, reinforcing Jack's position in the global market and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Intelligent Equipment Monitoring

    Developed advanced tools for real-time equipment monitoring and maintenance, supporting Jack's commitment to innovation in sewing equipment manufacturing.

  • Empowering Downstream Clients

    Provided downstream apparel clients with sophisticated management tools to improve production management precision and efficiency.


  • Manufacturing Transformation

    The transition to intelligent manufacturing solutions enhanced the company's competitive edge and provided valuable data-driven insights, resonating with the improved repair efficiency by more than 50% and equipment utilization increase by 3-5 times.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency

    For downstream enterprises, transparency in equipment production states and personnel efficiency, alongside remote parameter setting, significantly boosted production management precision and efficiency, mirroring the metrics of over 50% improved repair efficiency and reduction of after-sales service waiting times by over 80%.

  • Enhanced Distributor Engagement

    Real-time monitoring of customer operations and equipment load facilitated targeted sales strategies and proactive customer service, reflecting the commitment to elevating the industry with a smart sewing platform.

  • Cross-Border Management Empowerment

    Enabled interconnected management across borders, empowering both Jack Sewing Machine and its downstream apparel clients with intelligent tools for equipment monitoring and maintenance.



"Collaborating with ROOTCLOUD to build an industry-specific Industrial Internet platform has accelerated our digital transformation. 

These applications are now propelling our clients toward a low-cost, agile digital upgrade."


Zhang Hanwen, Digital Transformation Lead, Jack Sewing Machine