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Asensing's Evolution: Smart Factories and Digital Supply Chain Excellence

  • #Lighthouse Factory

  • Dispatch Efficiency


  • Equipment Connectivity

  • R&D and Production Equipment Connected



Asensing, a leader in high-precision navigation technology for smart driving, faced increased demand from OEMs and needed to boost its product supply capability while ensuring quality and safety. Asensing required seamless integration with OEM business order systems for order and delivery tracking, and an enhancement in supply chain manufacturing capability to improve product manufacturing efficiency and quality.


  • Summary

    ROOTCLOUD successfully integrated its platform with Asensing's operations, delivering a holistic solution for intelligent manufacturing. This initiative revolved around building a lean, smart factory and enhancing the digital supply chain, ensuring Asensing's leadership in high-precision navigation technology for smart driving.

  • Lean Intelligent Factory

    Developed and implemented a smart factory design leveraging ROOTCLOUD's platform. Seamlessly integrated various digital systems to streamline manufacturing and supply chain processes.

  • Efficient Digital Supply Chain

    Optimizing Supply Chain System, constructed a highly efficient digital supply chain system. Implemented comprehensive traceability for products and raw materials, with advanced error prevention in manufacturing.

  • Business and Financial Process Integration

    Streamlined Business Operations by integrating diverse business processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Enabled data-driven decision-making with analytical tools for monitoring and evaluating business activities.


  • Streamlined Manufacturing and Supply Chain

    Enhanced operational efficiency and precision in manufacturing and supply chain processes, with a 75% improvement in picking and dispatch efficiency and an 80% equipment networking rate.

  • Enhanced Business-Finance Integration

    Streamlined the entire process from demand generation to sourcing, purchasing collaboration, receiving, and financial coordination. Asensing established a unified demand portal and a comprehensive procurement platform, integrating purchasing processes to boost business efficiency.

  • Data-Driven Business Decisions

    Improved analytical level with detailed reports on applications, order execution, incoming material quality inspections, supplier price comparisons, and inventory data. The document flow feature provided trackable online document operations, supporting real-time tracking and query, and visualizing progress.



"Digital transformation not only significantly enhanced Asensing's mass production delivery capabilities, but also continually strengthened our core competitive advantages in quality, cost, and delivery through cost reduction and efficiency improvement, expanding our technological moat."


Amata Corporation PCL