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Yinlun Machinery's Digital Leap Toward Low-Carbon Efficiency

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  • Equipment Utilization


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Yinlun Machinery, operating as a group with production bases worldwide, faced the need for more precise management due to the global nature of their operations. They aimed to improve equipment utilization and achieve more precise energy management to realize low-carbon development.


Yinlun Machinery's internal businesses seek refined management, particularly in optimizing the operational efficiency and energy consumption of the entire group's equipment. In response, we've crafted a tailored energy management solution based on the ROOTCLOUD operating system.

  • Equipment Data Collection

    Utilizes telecommunication networks and intelligent edge hardware for real-time data collection. ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform assists in the collection and analysis of equipment data.

  • Multi-Dimensional Energy Consumption Monitoring

    Monitors multiple dimensions of energy consumption for optimization. Adopts a data-driven approach for operational optimization.


Yinlun Machinery has connected over 400 devices and more than 70 electric meters to the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform. The industrial Internet platform automatically calculates workers' daily and monthly machine operating times, actual working hours, and electricity usage. This has significantly improved efficiency, saving the equivalent of 26 man-days of work per month.

Real-time tracking of equipment utilization allows for the quick identification of redundant and bottleneck devices. This optimization of the production line eliminates bottlenecks and increases production saturation. Over the past four months, equipment utilization has risen from 26% to 35%.

ROOTCLOUD's real-time analysis manages energy usage, achieving energy savings and promoting production rhythm optimization. Through tracking and statistics, it is estimated that the electricity cost savings from peak and off-peak utilization will be around 2.4 million annually.



"At Yinlun Machinery, we have experienced firsthand how ROOTCLOUD's digital ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform has provided us with a forward-looking digital solution. It has helped us increase equipment utilization, save on monthly investments, and significantly reduce electricity expenses."


Jiang Zhiguo, Director of Equipment Technology Centre, Yinlun Machinery