Transforming High-Altitude Operations with End-to-End IoT Services and Customer Satisfaction Enhancement

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In the boom lift equipment sector, where safety is paramount, SINOBOOM Intelligent faced challenges with traditional after-sales service models. Delays in repairs and the need for in-person servicing increased operational costs and impacted customer satisfaction negatively.


  • Integrated Lifecycle Visibility

    Integration with core information systems for real-time monitoring of equipment status and quality control throughout the production lifecycle, in line with the 15% improvement in service promptness and 6% increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Data Integration and Sharing

    Bridged data gaps between systems to create a unified data environment for improved decision-making and efficiency.

  • Process Simplification

    Streamlined business operations for greater efficiency.

  • Global Service Expansion

    Established a strong presence in international markets, thereby reinforcing Sinoboom's global brand and accelerating overseas business growth.

  • Lifecycle Service Enhancement

    Established an industrial IoT-based intelligent service platform that integrates production, financial leasing, legal, and after-sales services, streamlining company service system workflows and providing value-added services to end customers.



"The 'SINOBOOM Intelligent IoT Platform' custom-developed by ROOTCLOUD has significantly impacted our operational efficiency. 

With over 30,000 connected devices and 20,000 after-sales service orders managed effectively, we have seen remarkable improvements in service promptness and customer satisfaction."


SINOBOOM Intelligent