Automotive Innovation Excellence through Integrated Digital Solution and Predictive Maintenance

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Digital strategy is a key component of Great Wall Motors' growth strategy. 

Despite their high level of digital maturity, they needed a robust IoT platform to connect a variety of on-site equipment and integrate data from information systems, supporting deep data integration and analysis for integrated business and operational management.


  • Summary

    Implemented a comprehensive digital operation and maintenance solution for Great Wall Motors, leveraging the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform. This initiative included the development of an enterprise-level IoT platform, efficient categorization and coding of key data for digital equipment maintenance, and the establishment of a robust digital operation and maintenance system. These efforts significantly enhanced equipment management efficiency at Great Wall Motors and aligned with their strategy for predictive digital solutions in automotive management.

  • Building Up Equipment Metadata

    Efficiently categorized and coded key data related to digital equipment maintenance, facilitating streamlined maintenance processes and improved operational efficiency. This approach laid a solid foundation for more effective equipment management.

  • Enhanced Predictive Maintenance

    Developed a predictive maintenance framework that capitalizes on real-time IoT data, leading to substantial improvements in equipment operational efficiency and swifter maintenance responses. This proactive approach to maintenance helps in anticipating issues before they escalate.

  • Comprehensive Closed-Loop Management System

    Established an advanced full-process closed-loop management system that utilizes real-time IoT data, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and shortening maintenance response times. This system ensures a seamless flow of information and operations, contributing to more reliable and efficient equipment management.


  • Enhanced Stability and Efficiency

    Supported by ROOTCLOUD, equipment MTBF increased by 8%, with a significant reduction  of 11% in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), reflecting the goals of the solution in enhancing operational efficiency and predictive maintenance.

  • Predictive Maintenance and Operation Management

    The digital operation and maintenance solution, based on the ROOTCLOUD Industrial IoT Platform, contributed to the pioneering predictive digital solutions in automotive management, ensuring equipment management efficiency and supporting comprehensive business strategies.

  • Full-Process Closed-Loop Management

    Achieved from real-time IoT data collection to alarm and fault identification, work order creation, dispatch, execution, and post-maintenance analysis, aligning with the 15% improvement in equipment operational efficiency.



"ROOTCLOUD's collaboration in our equipment digitalization project has enabled precise resource allocation and preemptive maintenance.

The platform has opened doors for broader cooperation in various fields of smart manufacturing."


Ma Minghui, Manager, Smart Manufacturing System Department, Great Wall Motors