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Data Platform is the best solution for companies on digital transformation.

What is Data Platform?

Data Platform is a useful data asset and capability center of all business domains, which can provide clean, transparent, efficient, easy-to-use and intelligent management of data and assets and external data services to digitally operate business.

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What can you benefit from Data Platform?

What we offer

Data asset management

Conduct research on enterprise data based on the current business and on the distribution of existing data assets, sort them out hierarchically, create an enterprise data asset map, and provide a modeling basis for platform deployment.

Data governance system

Sort out organizations, systems and processes, build a data governance system, compile data standards, develop strategies for data quality evaluation and security framework design, and realize the whole life cycle management of the data.

Business metrics system

Decompose metrics according to strategies, operation systems and the enterprise organization structure, and set up the metrics system and standard for each business scenario.

Platform deployment

Build a distributed big data storage platform, build modules for data asset management, visualization and data security, and provide data service APIs to facilitate the mining of data value.

Data lake assets

Collect system data into a data lake to accumulate data assets for further use according to preliminary designs and standard requirements.

Data warehouse design

Follow the governance system of data assets, open up data service capabilities, and empower business.

Business empowerment

Visualize business processes, conduct intelligent analysis, and support decision-making for marketing, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and other sectors.

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The ROOTCLOUD AI Platform can help enterprises develop the full life cycle of machine learning, including feature engineering, model training and model launching, helping enterprises apply cutting-edge AI technologies to industrial production and business processes at lower cost but higher efficiency.


ROOTCLOUD Platform is an essential industrial IoT (IIoT) platform for companies in the digital transformation which can collect ,store and analyze machine data, improve productivity, and manage machines remotely.

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ROOTCLOUD industrial blockchain platform provides various industrial solutions for industrial chain, including industrial trusted data collection, trusted data management, industrial distributed ledger, mutual trust sharing, flexible supervision, industrial chain collaboration, etc., which help industrial enterprises establish a trusted business network.

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