China Coal Information and ROOTCLOUD Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On May 18, 2023, China Coal Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ("China Coal Information") and ROOTCLOUD Technology Co., Ltd. ("ROOTCLOUD") signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Both companies will work together in the Industrial Internet field to improve equipment production cost-effectiveness for China Coal Group and enhance safety and efficiency in coal production, to set a standard for the energy industry's development. Representatives from China Coal Group and ROOTCLOUD attended the signing ceremony.

Guan Zenglun, Deputy General Manager of the Technology Innovation Department at China Coal Group, expressed the company's commitment to understanding global energy trends and the need for high-quality development in the energy sector. He pointed out that the group focused on ensuring national energy security, strengthening state-owned capital and enterprises, and leading the high-quality development of the coal industry. They have established a pattern of coordinated high-quality development, with the coal industry as the foundation and utilizing the clean and efficient conversion of coal, supported by the comprehensive industry of industrial and energy services, with strategic emerging industries such as new energy as important growth drivers. He added that ROOTCLOUD was an outstanding Industrial Internet company, known for its independent development of technologies such as edge services, industrial big data, industrial data modeling, industrial microservices assembly, and industrial app development. These technologies represented a new direction for digital enterprises and the agreement signified the start of deeper cooperation to address common technological challenges and drive the digital transformation of the coal industry.

Wang Xuan, Deputy General Manager of China Coal Group's Equipment Company, stated that they are seizing strategic opportunities in the national energy transition to lead modernization in the coal industry. They focus on enhancing coal mine equipment, advancing toward intelligent systems and smart mining solutions to create a new manufacturing and energy industry model. China Coal Equipment currently ranks among the industry leaders in industrial scale, technological equipment proficiency, product integration services, and overall competitive strength. This partnership with ROOTCLOUD will drive more competitive and service-oriented manufacturing processes and continue to strengthen China Coal Group's digital services to support the overall digital transformation.

Daniel He, co-founder and CEO of ROOTCLOUD expressed gratitude to China Coal Group for its significant contributions to the coal industry. He also acknowledged their support for ROOTCLOUD and emphasized readiness to collaborate with China Coal Group to enhance Industrial Internet transformation in the industry. He also highlighted ROOTCLOUD's focus on building an Industrial Internet operating system and its commitment to assisting industry-leading enterprises like China Coal Group in achieving digital transformation.

The coal industry is a fundamental sector in China's economic development, serving as a key raw material for industries such as power generation, metallurgy, chemical, construction materials, and heating. The first chapter of the "14th Five-Year Plan" energy strategy emphasizes enhancing the stability and security of the energy supply chain, with a specific focus on strengthening coal safety guarantees. In this context, China Coal Group and ROOTCLOUD are collaborating to optimize the coal industry value chain and enhance national competitiveness and sustainable development.