Weiqiao Haixin New Materials and ROOTCLOUD Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On July 17, 2023, the Shandong Aluminum Industry Association, Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Co., Ltd. ("Weiqiao Pioneering"), and the Huancui District People's Government jointly hosted the Weihai Aluminum Deep Processing Industry Chain Green and High-Quality Development Conference, marking the opening ceremony of the Weiqiao (Weihai) Aluminum Deep Processing Industrial Park. Present at the event were Weihai City government leaders, industry association leaders, research institute leaders, and business management leaders. They jointly pressed the button to inaugurate the industrial park.

The Park operator will adhere to the concept of coordinated development across industrial, supply, and innovation chains. With Haixin New Materials as the mainstay, supported by Weiqiao National Science Research Institute and funded by Weihai Weiqiao National Science Industry Innovation Fund, it aims to precisely extend, complement, and strengthen the aluminum deep processing chain. By attracting upstream and downstream related enterprises, it strives to become a hub for collaborative industrial development, a green, low-carbon, and intelligent zone, a high-end technological innovation center, and a one-stop service-oriented park. As one of the highlights of the conference, Yu Xuan, General Manager of Guoke Smart Manufacturing (Binzhou) Technology Development, on behalf of Weihai Haixin New Materials Co., Ltd. ("Haixin New Materials"), signed a cooperation agreement on the aluminum industrial park digital platform project with Wang Yongzong, Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Accounts at ROOTCLOUD. This marks another milestone in the digitalization, intelligentization, and informatization of the aluminum industry chain and the start of a new era where the advancement of vital national industries spurs growth across various sectors.

Under the agreement, the parties will collaborate in four key areas: joint R&D and construction, shared operation and maintenance of the "Industrial Internet + Aluminum Industrial Park" digital platform, collaborative R&D and operation of the "Industrial Internet Platform" for park enterprises, and digital consulting and training cooperation. This partnership aims to maximize their resources, technology, and management strengths in aluminum industrial park digitization. The recent partnership between Weiqiao Pioneering and ROOTCLOUD marks a deeper collaboration step following their joint project "Shandong Hongqiao Data Center", injecting new energy into the healthy development of the aluminum industry chain.

Yu Xuan mentioned that the agreement between Haixin New Materials and ROOTCLOUD on the digital platform project for the aluminum industrial park will accelerate the industry's green, digital, and smart development, guiding innovation and industrial coordination for sustainable growth in the Huancui District's aluminum industry.

Wang Yongzong highlighted their honor in partnering with Haixin New Materials, a key player in the park, known for prioritizing technological innovation for transformation and growth. As a leader in Industrial Internet, ROOTCLOUD has cultivated essential capabilities needed for various industry digital transformations, including collaborative industrial application development expertise. Embracing a new foundational role, ROOTCLOUD will partner with Haixin New Materials to establish a digital platform for the aluminum industrial park, contributing technological innovation and strength to the country's key industries.

As a crucial industry in China's economic development, the aluminum industry is closely linked to sectors like aerospace, automotive, construction, power, packaging, and shipbuilding, relying on alumina and primary aluminum as fundamental materials. Globally, with the concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable development becoming key guidelines for industrial development, the push towards green development in manufacturing is essential for long-term economic progress across nations. The Chinese government strives to promote supply-side structural reforms in the aluminum industry to facilitate its orderly, green, and healthy development for high-quality industry progress. Against this backdrop, leading aluminum industry player, Haixin New Materials, and national-level cross-industry Industrial Internet provider, ROOTCLOUD are actively aligning with the country's development goals. By leveraging their strengths and resources, they are driving synergies, sustainability, and digital transformation across the aluminum industry value chain, boosting national competitiveness and sustainability.