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Gujing Group Partners with ROOTCLOUD to Build IIoT Platform

Recently, Anhui Gujing Distillery Co., Ltd. ("Gujing Group") and ROOTCLOUD Technology Co., Ltd. ("ROOTCLOUD") kicked off the collaboration on the Anhui Gujing Group IIoT platform project at the Gujing Group headquarters. This event signifies a deep dive into IoT practices and demonstrative applications for Gujing Group, marking another stride towards enhancing the quality development of the liquor industry. In this project, both parties will leverage their respective deep-seated strengths in liquor brewing and IIoT platform development to jointly ensure the high-quality implementation of the Gujing Group IIoT platform. The launch event was attended by notable figures including Zhou Qingwu, Deputy Secretary of the Gujing GroupGroup Party Committee and General Manager of Gujing Group, Gao Jiakun, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager, Kang Lei, Deputy General Manager and Director of the Enterprise Management Center, Ji Haixing, Senior Vice President of ROOTCLOUD, and Yin Lihang, Cross Sector Director at ROOTCLOUD.

As the "infrastructure" of the Industrial Internet, IIoT connects sensors, devices, and networks, enabling manufacturing enterprises to engage in equipment asset management, predictive maintenance, production line optimization, quality control, logistics and supply chain management, energy conservation, and environmental monitoring. It serves as a crucial tool and driving force for the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. As one of China's esteemed "Top Eight Famous Liquor Enterprises", Gujing Group holds a distinctive position as the first Chinese liquor company listed with both A and B shares and has won four national baijiu golden awards, a golden award at the 13th SIAL Paris, the title of China's "Geographical Indication Product", the recognition as a "Key Cultural Relics Site under the State Protection", the recognition with a "National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project", a Quality Award from the Anhui provincial government, a title of "National Quality Benchmark", among other honors. As a pioneer in the liquor industry, the collaboration between Gujing Group and ROOTCLOUD to construct an IIoT platform holds significant importance for the transformation, upgrading, and innovative development of the liquor industry chain.

Zhou Qingwu emphasized that the development of the IIoT platform is a critical piece of Gujing Group's digitalization roadmap. It plays a vital role in connecting and sharing business data and production process data, providing robust technological support to materialize Gujing Group's digitalization strategy. To ensure the efficient advancement of the IIoT platform project, Zhou Qingwu outlined three key requirements. Firstly, strategic awareness is essential, highlighting the significance of this digital project. Secondly, concrete actions are necessary to steadily progress toward set objectives and milestones. Lastly, organizational support is crucial to guarantee a strong and orderly project implementation that yields tangible results.

Ji Haixing expressed gratitude for Gujing Group's contributions and its acknowledgment to ROOTCLOUD. He expressed ROOTCLOUD's commitment to creating an IIoT platform for Gujing Group, building a strong team to realize advanced knowledge repositories, and aligning goals across all departments and teams for project success and long-term value.

The 20th CPC National Congress report emphasizes focusing on the real economy, advancing new industrialization, and building a strong manufacturing nation, network nation, and digital China. It underscores the integration of digital and real economies, providing a fundamental direction for new industrialization and a key focus for the liquor industry. Digital and green development are now vital for the liquor industry's sustainable growth. Collaborating on an intelligent industry development path holds profound significance for the industry's future. Represented by Gujing Group and ROOTCLOUD, these industry leaders align with national strategies to leverage their strong industrial foundations and resources. Their partnership aims to enhance Gujing Group's core competitiveness, supporting the industry's comprehensive optimization and value creation along the entire chain.