Industrial Internet Conference: ROOTCLOUD Unveils "ROOTCLOUD IIOS 4.0" with Three Major Scenario Versions

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On January 10, 2024, the highly anticipated WIM 2023 (World Innovators Meet) officially kicked off, attracting global innovation leaders, renowned scholars, and investors to participate in discussions on effective strategies for responding to the ongoing technological and industrial revolutions.

Meanwhile, the eagerly awaited list of China’s Top 30 Data Intelligence Service Providers 2023 was unveiled. ROOTCLOUD became the only Industrial Internet company among the nominees, showcasing its outstanding leadership in the field of industrial digitization. This recognition not only verifies the exceptional achievements of ROOTCLOUD in data intelligence products and smart manufacturing solutions but also highlights its significant contributions within the domain of industrial digitalization.

During a month-long evaluation, the judging panel evaluated companies' core competencies – core technical force, market competitiveness, and service efficiency – based on their data strength, digital technology accumulation, and application range. A comprehensive evaluation system consisting of 15 key indicators played a crucial role in the selection process. Thirty top performers in the data intelligence sector were selected. With its advanced technological advantages and comprehensive solutions in the realm of data intelligence, ROOTCLOUD managed to stand out among the fierce competition.

ROOTCLOUD has demonstrated forward-looking and leadership capabilities by offering a full chain closed-loop management system from edge data collection to optimization of management. This system covers the establishment and improvement of key performance indicators related to enterprise core competitiveness, including delivery deadlines, costs, and quality. Furthermore, ROOTCLOUD has pioneered an industrial data application methodology centered around the North Star Metric. This approach integrates various types of data resources—information technology data, operational technology data, and unstructured data—for in-depth mining and analysis. It aims to swiftly identify and effectively resolve issues within manufacturing, achieving the goals of continuous improvement and lean management.

Facing the surge of the digital economy era, data has been driving economic and social development as a significant engine. ROOTCLOUD has been deeply engaged in developing a new industrial "technology base and framework", accumulating extensive practical experience and profound insights over the past seven years, especially in the construction of the Lighthouse Factory.

Lighthouse Factory development unfolds in three stages: Initially, it focuses on digitalizing process design by organizing and standardizing a multitude of processes to enhance modularity and componentization. This sets the stage for the second phase, digital factory transformation, and automation upgrades, aimed at continuous production. The final layer builds on this automation, further advancing digital integration in execution processes, encompassing equipment connectivity, energy management, and 6S lean production practices.

To date, ROOTCLOUD has achieved significant results in practical applications. By focusing on connecting equipment for real-time monitoring of capacity utilization, and through detailed breakdowns of manufacturing costs alongside effective control of energy expenses, it has implemented lean 6S improvements on the workshop floor. This initiative has resulted in a production efficiency increase of over 10 percent. Building on this, an integrated energy network was developed for energy optimization. Moreover, the use of "three reality" video technology (actual place, facts, and products) for real-time monitoring of production elements has greatly enhanced safety management and work efficiency.

Currently, ROOTCLOUD has assisted SANY in establishing over 40 lighthouse factories, two of which have been added to the Global Lighthouse Factory Network. This collaboration has enabled SANY to create benchmark factories in the heavy industry sector, characterized by the highest level of intelligence, the highest per capita output, and the lowest energy consumption per unit.

Among these, SANY’s Piling Machinery Factory, located at the foot of Fenghuangling Mountain in the western suburbs of Beijing, is the first in the global heavy industry to be recognized as a Lighthouse Factory. Initially, challenged by its discrete manufacturing model and early tech limitations, SANY’s digitization journey was full of obstacles. It was revolutionized by ROOTCLOUD's integration of 5G technology with the Industrial Internet. ROOTCLOUD's IIoT operating system utilized industrial big data from over 36,000 data points to optimize operations across the piling machinery factory, turning it into a smart entity deeply integrated with big data and AI.

SANY Changsha No. 18 Factory, the second Lighthouse Factory in heavy industry, achieved intelligent operations in nine processes and 32 scenarios through ROOTCLOUD. By leveraging flexible automation, AI, and IIoT at scale, the factory increased its capacity by 123 percent, productivity by 98 percent, and reduced manufacturing costs by 29 percent.

ROOTCLOUD is expanding its lighthouse experience. For instance, collaborating with companies like Taishan Fiberglass under China National Building Material Group (CNBM) on projects like the Taishan Glass Fiber Lighthouse Factory certification. Together with Tencent and other partners, ROOTCLOUD worked on the CNBM Hefei High-end Equipment Smart Manufacturing Park project to create an industry-first Lighthouse Factory in the building materials equipment sector.

Beyond building lighthouse factories, ROOTCLOUD dives deep into production processes, utilizing a process cloud platform to collect critical data (such as man hours, and material usage in welding) to support lean management and continuous improvement. Its methodology focuses on identifying key performance indicators through first principles and multi-source data integration, using mathematical models for smart analysis and real-time problem-solving, enabling a close loop of improvement.

ROOTCLOUD's recent recognition as one of China’s Top 30 Data Intelligence Service Providers 2023 underscores its leadership and far-reaching impact in the realm of industrial digitalization. Moving forward, ROOTCLOUD is set to revolutionize the industry by further harnessing the potential of industrial data and launching cutting-edge data intelligence products and solutions. These initiatives aim to catalyze new waves of productivity and forge unparalleled competitive advantages, propelling China's journey toward a cutting-edge, modernized future.