Pioneering Electric Truck Battery Swapping Station in Thailand to Fulfil 2060 Net Zero Carbon Ambition

  • #MOU with GPSC &Leadway

ROOTCLOUD collaborates with 3 organizations to explore the business model of commercial electric vehicle swapping stations in the context of a zero-carbon economy. ROOTCLOUD (Singapore) has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), LEADWAY Heavy Machinery Company Limited (LEADWAY), and SANY Heavy Industry Thailand (SANY). The objective of this MoU is to explore the feasibility of a one-stop service mode for electric commercial vehicle swapping stations.


Mr. Ho Howe Tian, Managing Director of ROOTCLOUD said "We are fully committed to supporting GPSC's goal on its net zero transition by combining cutting-edge IoT and Big-data technologies to provide valuable insights to real-time manage the battery swapping stations and services. This will accelerate the development and implementation of the technologies we need to address climate change."

The project will first set up swapping stations on highway routes connecting the heavily trafficked logistic areas, the result of this study will provide pragmatic inputs to future mass implementation of such projects.

A combination of IoT technology, swapping stations, and electric commercial vehicles can greatly promote the development of the green transportation industry chain, and achieve sustainable development, Carbon Neutrality in 2050, and Net Zero Emissions by 2060. As domestic leaders of heavy machinery in Thailand, Leadway and Sany will be able to successfully realize the dynamics of technology implementation locally.