ROOTCLOUD Attend the Pidi 4.0 Program and Activity Evaluation Meeting

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Denpasar, Indonesia | July 13th – ROOTCLOUD (SG), one of Indonesia's digital transformation partners, has been invited to attend the PIDI 4.0 Program and Activity Evaluation Meeting in Denpasar, Indonesia on July 13th.


Dani Wejayana, ROOTCLOUD's Country Manager, delivered a presentation on enterprises' needs of human resource capacity to embrace Industry 4.0. He also mentioned the training programs implemented domestically in Indonesia for PIDI 4.0. This project will help Indonesian enterprises implement Industry 4.0 sooner and provide them with well-prepared workers for Industry 4.0 so as to promote Indonesia's industrial growth in all respects.

Dani speaking

"The guiding philosophy of PIDI 4.0 lies in the partnership and reciprocal cooperation among the government, private companies, and universities. And I'm glad to see that more and more industries and universities can't wait to become partners of PIDI 4.0. It is important for all Industry 4.0 stakeholders to join in and contribute to the transformation of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia," said the Minister of Industry's Head of BPSDMI, Arus Gunawan in the meeting.

The Ministry of Industry is working to advance Industry 4.0 by implementing the Making Indonesia 4.0 Roadmap. The Indonesian Digital Industry Center (PIDI) 4.0, established by the Ministry of Industry, serves as a one-stop solution for realizing Industry 4.0 in Indonesia and a platform to show Indonesia 4.0 to the rest of the world.

Shouldered with a mix of duties, PIDI 4.0 is designed to be a Showcase Center, Delivery Center, Capability Center, Engineering and AI Center, and Industry 4.0 Ecosystem. As a Showcase Center, PIDI 4.0 provides programs and activities to showcase technical advances, such as those in the food and beverage industry by presenting an ice cream manufacturing line and those in the automotive industry a factory model.

As a Capability Center, PIDI 4.0 provides a curriculum that blends theory and practice with hands-on learning and competency certifications for workers in the field of industrial technology 4.0 and has committed itself to creating Industry 4.0 specialists. In addition, PIDI 4.0 offers education, training, and certification to the employees for Industry 4.0. PIDI plans to train 1,400 certified workers in 2022, and 5,000 in 2025.

"ROOTCLOUD will be committed to supporting the industrial digital transformation in Indonesia. It will not only provide local enterprises with mature and reliable digital transformation products to help local enterprises carry out the Industry 4.0 transformation, but also equip local workers with rich practical and learning experience to make Indonesian human resources more competitive and better prepared." As Dani said in the meeting, "To this end, we have set up a series of training courses to help Indonesian workers learn about Industry 4.0 and how we will realize it step by step, and we hope that with our firm support, Indonesia can greatly facilitate its progress in Industry 4.0."

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