ROOTCLOUD is Enabling Carbon Calculation on APEC 2022

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Following the implementation of the "6 Cares" of Care the Bear project practices to minimize GHG emissions from APEC 2022 Thailand Media Center, ROOTCLOUD, in collaboration with Bangchak Group, the Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Yip In Tsoi, monitor and calculate carbon emission from the 22,000m2 APEC 2022 Thailand Media Center.


Calculation of the APEC 2022 Thailand Media Center carbon emission is in line with the standards set by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) – TGO.

APEC 2022 Media Center, attended by approximately 2,200 visitors (about 80% are foreigners) from 14-19 November, produces cumulative carbon reduction equal to 30.295 tCO2e. ROOTCLOUD is enabling carbon footprint tracking and calculation of the Center through iCEP. The total emission is 2,366.21 tCO2e covering the following scopes:

  • Scope1:

    Direct emissions from facilities and services through fuel used in cooking = 37.64 tCO2e

  • Scope 2:

    Indirect emissions from energy consumption = 134.56 tCO2e

  • Scope 3:

    Other(s)- waste management, consumables, transportation, etc.= 2,194.01 tCO2e

Carbon emissions will be offset by Bangchak Group with carbon credits (TVERs) and renewable energy certificates (RECs) provided by the  Carbon Markets Club to offset the carbon footprint of the APEC 2022 Thailand Media Center, ensuring that it is truly carbon-neutral.

To further advance the achievement of APEC's sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience objectives, ROOTCLOUD becomes a carbon management partner to drive a low-carbon society and supports this meeting to be environmentally friendly. All parties are determined to help solve the global warming issue and reduce carbon emissions as much as possible.

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