Sany Heavy Industry 18 Factory in Changsha, China is recognized by WEF as the new Lighthouse Factory! This factory widely adopted applied technologies including AI, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things to improve product development, planning, delivery, and customer support. They have shifted gear from piloting to deploying standard use cases while relentlessly pursuing capability building and an agile approach, typically seen in software development.

This is the second plant of Sany Group to be awarded lighthouse factory status. In 2020, Sany Beijing Piling Machinery Factory in Beijing, China made the list! In both cases, Sany appointed Rootcloud to be their digitalization partner!

As a new foundation for digital transformation, ROOTCLOUD Platform, has provided industrial Internet services for nearly 1000 industrial enterprises in dozens of sectors such as equipment manufacturing, iron & steel metallurgy, automobile, and spare parts. We combine industrial experience and application scenarios of ecological partners such as industry-leading enterprises and industrial chain innovation enterprises. This enables a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises to practice digital transformation and supports the upgrade of manufacturing in China nationwide!