Transparent Factory

A comprehensive digital transformation solution to make manufacturing process more transparent, intelligent, and efficient.

What is Transparent Factory?

The Transparent Factory Solution emphasizes that the data of equipments, energy consumption, and personnel management are all visualized to make them transparent and easy to analyze. You can have a clearer grasp of production status with lean management based on detailed data.

Key Benifits

More than 70% of the problems faced by manufacturing enterprises are related to data collection, data integration and data application. Excessively relying on manual collection and multi-level integration leads to low efficiency, few effect and poor benefit.

Data Transparency

Lean Management

Intelligent Production

Data Transparency

Real-time, accurate and comprehensive device data

Device data

ROOTCLOUD extensive IoT platform connects all kinds of devices and improves data transparency based on device indicators.

Energy consumption

Establish energy metering and monitoring system, provide multi-dimensional energy consumption analysis based on energy consumption indices.

Real-time field monitoring

Analyzing workers『positions, the system supervises manufacturing with video surveillance, electronic fencing, personnel management, and real-time warning of violations.

Lean Management

Every minute counts

Machine OEE

Through the Transparent Factory Solution, equipments can be analyzed. Overloaded and redundant equipments and processes can be recognized to reduce redundancy and improve equipment production capacity. Upstream and downstream processes can also be identified to ensure efficient operation of the production line.

Energy management optimization

Transparent Factory can analyze equipment energy and production material consumption to save energy and reduce cost

Process efficiency optimization

By comparing the power-on rate and operating rate of the equipments, analyses discover the cause of the two rates‘difference to optimize production process and improve production efficiency.

Production cost

By analyzing equipment usage data, the performances of different processing equipments of different suppliers can be compared to optimize procurement, and reduce cost of using equipment .

Personnel performance

The working efficiency is improved by recording operation data, analyzing and optimizing work flow, reducing process waiting time and improving the cooperation between different personnel in different processes.

Quality & safety

By analyzing the historical working conditions of the equipments, material quality problems can be found timely and accurately, and alarm can be triggered when the corresponding working condition appears, to ensure production quality.

Intelligent Production

From experience-driven to AI-driven

Based on massive, real-time, high-frequency IoT data, AI big data technology is used for modeling and prediction. It connects, integrates and optimizes the customer’s existing business processes of equipment operation and maintenance, process monitoring and quality inspection. The ROOTCLOUD AI and big data technology predicts and learns from faults, process flows, and quality inspection, to reduce dependence on experience.

Smart operation and maintenance

By collecting real-time working conditions of the equipments, equipment status is monitored. By analyzing historical working conditions and combining Rootcloud AI technology, equipment performance can be predicted, and the health and life expectancy of key components can be assessed. This makes it convenient for you to arrange maintenance for the equipments and reduce unplanned equipment downtime.

Smart process diagnosis

With the help of AI technology on the Rootcloud platform, the process data are examined intelligently through AI learning to reduce personnel dependence on experience, and improve process accuracy and product quality.

Smart quality inspection

Through image recognition technology, feature modeling and machine learning optimization, quality inspection can be done automatically and intelligently to improve inspection efficiency and accuracy.

Transparent Factory Solution

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