Textile industry solution

What kind of problems is the textile industry facing?

Like most traditional industries, the textile industry faces difficulties such as equipment management and low efficiency, mainly in the following aspects.

Key Solutions

In response to these problems the textile industry is facing, ROOTCLOUD devotes itself to the IIoT construction and visualization of textile machinery and equipment to enhance the marketing and services of textile machinery manufacturing enterprises.


The ROOTCLOUD IoT box collects the real-time position, operating state, and faults of the jacquard loom and transfers them to the ROOTCLOUD platform to monitor the jacquard online, provide remote diagnostics and calculate the energy consumption, utilization rate and abnormal states of the jacquard machine. Customers can update different kinds of patterns from resources on a remote cloud platform and greatly reduce the cumbersome works they used to do when modifying and updating the jacquard patterns.

  • Online monitoring
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Energy consumption calculation


Remote real-time monitoring and management to ensure the safe operation of the equipment; shorten the time spent collecting fault information, improve the efficiency of fault diagnosis, bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises and enhance enterprise competitive differentiation


The ROOTCLOUD IoT box supports the mainstream PLC of jacquard controllers, with perfect safety measures to ensure the security of the equipment networks. At the same time, the IoT box has functions such as edge computing, data real-time calculation, analysis and processing, local storage, and offline caching

  • Edge calculation
  • Equipment security
  • Predictive analysis


The collection and analysis of real-time data of each user in different scenarios supports R&D and innovation, and also improves predictive fault analysis, maintenance, and optimization of accessories inventory


The IoT-based after-sales service can effectively shorten customers’ equipment downtime and reduce after-sales service costs. After-sales engineers can use the IoT-based after-sales system to remotely monitor the status of jacquard looms in real time through PC or mobile app, view its key parameters, and provide guidelines for on-site personnel to eliminate faults.

  • Remote monitoring
  • After-sales service


Improve the after-sales service system, manage all after-sales service processes, improve service quality and reduce service costs


The Factory Cloud, a convenient production management software, helps customers with the management of work order distribution and personnel salary

  • Work order distribution
  • Factory Cloud
  • Efficiency improvement


Empower end customers, provide effective tools to improve customer efficiency, and enhance product added value



Production efficiency increases by


Equipment fault rate reduces by


Costs of service reduce by


Service capacity increases by

Customer Case

JACK Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd.,founded in 1995 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Main Board (stock code: 603337), is one of the world’s largest enterprise in the sewing industry with 26 years of history. It is also the only solution provider for smart apparel manufacturing that integrates hardware and software such as MES, WMS and APS, and the whole smart apparel manufacturing process including apparel material storage, smart cutting and sewing, product sorting, finished product warehousing, etc..


  1. R&D improvement is complicated by the lack of data support from its machinery
  2. After-sales management data are not timely and accurate enough, making after-sales service untimely
  3. The operation of the factory cannot be monitored in real time, causing loss of business opportunities
  4. Equipment efficiency, factory utilization rate, and process parameters cannot be controlled and issued remotely
  5. The performance of factory workers is difficult to quantify without an intelligent way to count their produced pieces


Transfer the data such as the working state of the sewing machine to the ROOTCLOUD platform to realize the functions such as online monitoring, remote diagnosis and parameter issuance. The data are fully utilized by app, large screen display, etc.

  • For JACK Sewing Machine: Monitor real-time data online, respond to after-sales more quickly, support R&D, and enhance product competitiveness
  • For JACK’s distributors: Monitor real-time equipment status, improve after-sales efficiency, and increase sales opportunities
  • For downstream service enterprises: Improve the efficiency of production equipment, issue the equipment process parameters in batches, remind related personnel of equipment periodic maintenance, and count produced pieces in real time automatically and precisely

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