New Energy Equipment Industry Solution

What is the solution for new energy equipment industry?

With real-time process display and big data analysis, ROOTCLOUD new energy equipment big data cloud platform digitally transforms an enterprise from a provider of only equipment to a complete provider of both software and hardware solution services.

What kind of problems is the new energy equipment industry facing?

Immature remote monitoring

Factories are not monitored effectively, and the abnormal status in the production process cannot be acquired in real time, so that alarms and corrections are not made in time, resulting in insufficient safety guarantee for production.

Limited IoT capabilities

New energy equipment cannot be connected through intelligent Internet of Things for inventory and incremental management. There is insufficient traceability of the product’s full life cycle, and faults in the data links such as planning, production, quality, and abnormalities.

Weak automation

The data recording at the production site relies on human labor, and data are not updated in time and lag behind too much. The progress of work orders and production management are not transparent, which affects the production efficiency of subsequent processes.

Traditional business model

The enterprise’s products are too similar to each other and cannot profit well. Now, this kind of traditional business model to sell equipment gradually encounters bottlenecks.

Lack of visualization

The equipment lacks visualization tools and cannot visualize equipment status and process flow in real time.

Key Solutions

Digital transformation of new energy equipment companies with the help of ROOTCLOUD industry solutions

Help customers build an operation and maintenance management system to record equipment logs, automatically generate reports, reduce costs of analyzing user data, and improve work efficiency

  • Report generation
  • Visualization of labor costs

Set up a system to improve management and automatically report data, reducing labor costs, and improving efficiency and customer satisfaction

Establish equipment digital twins for intelligent management of inventory and incremental equipment, and optimized process analysis based on massive data

  • Digital twin
  • Process analysis

Optimize products to provide a basis for enhancing equipment stability and improve customer experience

Provide equipment value-added services, and increase equipment sales through leasing

  • Equipment leasing
  • Remote monitoring

Through remote monitoring and systematic management, the security of leased assets is ensured, and sales are increased twice, and the costs of lease operation and management are reduced.

Build an IIoT platform of the industrial chain, integrate resources, and establish a system for industry data collection, transmission and sharing. Transform and upgrade the new energy equipment industry to reduce costs and enhance efficiency

  • Industry chain upgrade
  • Data sharing

Transform and upgrade the new energy equipment industry to reduce costs and enhance efficiency

Customer Case

A high-tech equipment company in Shenzhen

The company is a high-end smart equipment manufacturer and software provider, and a core supplier of high-end automation equipment such as new energy lithium battery vacuum drying equipment, automatic logistics lines, and industrial high-precision cleaning equipment.


  1. The company has high operating costs and a need for quick access and smart Internet of Things for inventory and incremental equipment, and a need to create digital twins of equipment and establish a foundation for digital transformation;
  2. The production management is not transparent, which affects the production efficiency of subsequent processes.
  3. The monitoring of abnormal conditions such as those in production execution and equipment operation lacks a foundation of effective data collection mechanism. Kanban, the traditional way, cannot reflect progress in a reliable and accurate way.
  4. The drying process does not have sufficient rules established to match solutions with problems and cannot form an effective knowledge system. Therefore, expert experience cannot be accumulated, and problems cannot be quickly located according to this kind of experience.


  1. Hardware: The access of all types of controllers used by different high-tech equipment is supported.
  2. Communication: With ROOTCLOUD IoT module and M2M access, equipment can locally receive and forward working condition indicators, and save condition data on the cloud.
  3. Data: Storage and ETL processing of massive working condition data to provide effective data support for applications.
  4. Application: IoT system + visualization system


  1. The IoT system records equipment location and status, working conditions, fault alarms and other information, supports fault maintenance, provides immediate alarm notifications for faults, and recommends corresponding solutions;
  2. The visualization module supports flexible large-screen configuration, including basic modules such as data source, material library, component library, etc., which can flexibly visualize equipment operations on a large screen.

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