Industrial Robot Solution

What kind of difficulties is the industrial robot industry facing?

ROOTCLOUD industrial robot industry solutions remotely monitor industrial robot equipment, maintain equipment health, predict faults, establish after-sales service capabilities, and improve stability and serviceability

Key Solutions

Digital transformation of construction machinery enterprises with the help of ROOTCLOUD industry solutions


Remote monitoring and equipment visualization to improve speed of response to faults, reduce unpredictable shutdowns, and improve production stability and efficiency

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote equipment operation and maintenance


Transform your enterprise from a hardware equipment provider to a complete solution service provider for equipment hardware and software, and improve robot stability and customer satisfaction


Help after-sales service respond more accurately, forecast parts demand more accurately, reduce inventory costs, and improve efficiency innovation services

  • Remote operation and maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance of equipment


Save energy, improve work efficiency, reduce troubleshooting time, and increase the success rate of one-time repair of faults


Remote monitoring, diagnostic services, and fault warning to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. Smart diagnosis and remote operation and maintenance to reduce downtime

  • Remote monitoring
  • Fault warning
  • Smart diagnosis


Reduce product costs and enhance corporate profits


On ICSM smart after-sales service system, engineers can understand the status of remote industrial robots in real time according to authorization through computers, mobile APPs, etc.

  • Smart after-sales
  • Equipment monitoring


Reduce travel costs by more than 50%; set up after-sales service scoring and evaluation mechanism

reduction in unpredictable downtime
reduction in after-sales time
reduction in travel costs
increase in work efficiency
increase in the success rate of one-time repair of faults

Customer Case

SHENZHEN SROD INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales. Its two main products are industrial video detection equipment and security monitoring equipment. It has its own brands: SINGA crawling robot, ELOOK pipeline periscope, PEYE industrial endoscope and other products.


  1. Offline reports and data flow are inefficient. Videos, data, and reports are still stored and transmitted in traditional ways;
  2. The whole process relies on analysis reports of third-party professionals which cost a lot but with uneven and uncontrollable quality;
  3. Customers complain about the high failure rate of equipment, high maintenance costs, and passive services that only get active after being required by the customers;
  4. Unable to understand the conditions of the equipment, and to repair and maintain it in time;
  5. The equipment needs to be repaired a lot, and the costs are high;
  6. The after-sales business process is not supported by information technologies, and it is impossible to track customers effectively and accumulate data.


  1. Build an after-sales service system:
    • Provide active maintenance services;
    • Carry out equipment failure early warning and remote diagnosis;
    • Establish equipment and asset database and accumulate equipment operation data.
    • Preventive maintenance and digital after-sales service management;
  2. Build a database:
    • Use the mobile terminal to manage processes, follow up on the operation schedule, give maintenance reminders, and accumulate historical data to develop new product models
  3. Video sharing:
    • Create online inspection reports, and build a pipeline inspection video sharing and processing center with professional video sharing personnel and IT facilities sharing services.

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