Construction Machinery Solution

What kind of difficulties is the construction machinery industry facing?

We have created industry-specific solutions based on the five major problems faced by the construction machinery industry

Key Solutions

Digital transformation of construction machinery enterprises with the help of ROOTCLOUD industry solutions

Real-time fault monitoring, and equipment/production line operation efficiency and asset safety monitoring based on IoT technology for manufacturers, distributors, and equipment owners.
  • Smart monitoring
  • Remote equipment operation and maintenance
Improve the troubleshooting and the operation efficiency of equipment, and reduce the accidents of on-site operations.
Through IoT real-time machine condition monitoring and early warning, equipment problems can be located in advance to reduce repeated maintenances, manage work orders, decrease the traveling costs of engineers, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time machine condition monitoring
  • Early warning
  • Work order management
The accuracy rate of one-time troubleshooting has been increased from 40% to 70%; the average on-site maintenance time has been reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours; the equipment management range has increased by 400%; customer satisfaction rate has increased from 70% to 90%
Provide analyses for end customers such as the ones on equipment operation efficiency, economic benefits, rankings, etc., to reduce the accidents of customers’ equipment and prevent delay in payment collection; Establish a communication bridge between customers and service engineers, so that customers can keep track of service orders and engineers can ensure customer satisfaction
  • Benefit analysis
  • Risk prevention
  • Sales forecast
Customer equipment accident rate is reduced by 10%; customer stickiness is increased by 30%; accessories sales through online channels reach 30% of the total, and the overall cost of accessories sales is reduced by 5%; as purchasers are getting younger, the sales growth rate of online channels is increasing at a rate of 4% every year; service calls made through customer cloud account for 40% of the total customers calls
Provide online leasing business based on IoT technology to help lessors change the traditional heavy asset business model, separate operation services from the owners of leased equipment and improve efficiency and control risks; Establish equipment asset tracking system, customer management system, order tracking system and employee evaluation system
  • Online leasing
  • Risk control
  • Asset monitoring
Business efficiency is improved and transaction time is reduced from 245 hours to 0.5 hour to reduce the costs of development. The cost of leasing business from traditional outlets and personnel employment is 1 million per year. Now they are turned into mobile outlets with flexible personnel deployment; the management efficiency after leasing is improved, from traditional manual rent collection and asset inspection to online sorting and automatic collection of rent, and remote asset inspection. The marginal cost of post-rental risk management is almost zero
Provide services of data cleaning, feature extraction and model development based on big data customer portraits and whole-machine prediction scenarios
  • Customer portrait
  • Data model
  • Sales forecast
Generate basic tags, derivative tags, and forecast tags from the original data level by level; apply customer portrait data to AI scenarios such as sales forecasting, smart procurement, and real-time online monitoring; generate BI scenarios such as operational visualization, and CI scenarios such as business system reports and full life cycle management of orders

Customer Case

Sinoboom focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of various high-altitude operation equipment. Currently, it has four series of high-altitude operation platforms, self-propelled straight arm, self-propelled curved arm, self-propelled cutting and spider. Its self-propelled operating platforms have a high and early starting point.


  1. Sinoboom’s high-altitude vehicle sales are mainly for leasers. “Leasing + resale” is the main income model of leasers. Product quality and service timeliness are very critical. The traditional service costs are too high, and there is a need to reduce the overall costs of after-sales service.
  2. The causes of the customer’s product failures are described unclearly, and the problem cannot be accurately located. Multiple departments within the company make repeated trips for diagnosis.
  3. The equipment history is unclear, and it takes a long time for on-site engineers to troubleshoot.
  4. After-sales engineers have to travel a lot and have uneven proficiency of skills
  5. Orders are not classified, and door-to-door service has to be provided according to customer needs


  1. Obtain equipment fault conditions through IoT technology, locate timely and accurately the problems of customer equipment, and improve the repair efficiency
  2. Establish equipment health records, so history of maintenance and replacement, and alarm information can be accessed at any time to keep track of maintenance activities and reduce maintenance time
  3. Establish a knowledge base of equipment, so engineers and customer service can find standard solutions at any time to improve their skills
  4. Classify work orders (remote and on-site), and use remote operation and maintenance for services such as process and system upgrades to reduce personnel’s traveling costs

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