Chemical Industry Solution

What kind of problems is the chemical industry facing?

The ROOTCLOUD safe production and risk prevention platform for the chemical industry manages chemical enterprises’ production and safety on one screen, maximizing the economic and social benefits for the enterprises and sustaining their development.

Key Solutions

Digital transformation of chemical enterprises with the help of ROOTCLOUD industry solutions


ROOTCLOUD provides a full range of consultative and diagnostic services, including production management, process optimization, safety compliance, business analysis, and system standards, to find the best way of digital transformation for chemical enterprises.

  • Equipment diagnosis
  • Equipment monitoring


By analyzing customer status quo, industry standards and business and data frameworks, ROOTCLOUD solutions help customers quickly find the best path for digital transformation and smart manufacturing.


ROOTCLOUD focuses on production to help chemical enterprises in modules, such as the integration of construction and operation, prevention and safety, coordination in emergency, smart production, factory staff management, and equipment full life cycle management. Through the analysis of real-time data, video data and business data, enterprise resources are scheduled reasonably, to prevent risks, monitor and forecast safety management, and give equipment warning and testing.

  • Equipment full life cycle management
  • Data management and analysis
  • Risk prediction


Through the construction of platforms and functions, the chemical enterprises integrate different businesses, monitor equipment performance in a transparent way, visualize production processes, and calculate precise cost performance, make energy management greener, and provide systematic measures to ensure safety in emergency.


With the Data Center, ROOTCLOUD sorts the production data indicators from the chemical factories, helps construct production and operation cockpits in the factory, sets up a standardized indicator system, and forms a data resource catalog that covers production, procurement, inventory, sales, environmental protection, HSE, equipment, projects, indicators, energy and operation, and give solutions in these dimensions.

  • Data Center
  • Cockpit construction


Through the data analysis of all the process indicators, management efficiency is improved, and the whole process is made transparent and digitized to eliminate unsynchronized information, set up collaborative mechanisms with unified goals, increase business management efficiency by 20-30%, and improve the preciseness of cost accounting and performance assessment by 1-5%, helping businesses understand the customer value of data assets

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