Carbon Neutrality Solution

Why reaching carbon neutrality

The Paris Agreement, an international framework that addresses climate change, has been enforced since 2020. It aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of this century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established by UNEP and WMO, issued an IPCC Special Report on the Impacts of Global Warming of 1.5°C. According to this report, in order to accomplish the 1.5 °C target (a goal to strive for), it is necessary to achieve carbon neutrality by around 2050. Meanwhile, a number of countries make up their targets, leading to the global move toward “carbon neutrality by 2050”.

A green commitment is now becoming an intrinsic aspect of business strategy for corporations and industries. In the Global Carbon Disclosure Project Database, which collects information for investors, an increasing number of corporations are presenting statistics on their carbon impact. Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of these corporations’ products on the climate and environment. The achievement of carbon neutrality reflects a company’s sense of social responsibility as well as the requirements of sustainable development.

IIoT technology can easily help enterprises track energy consumption, lighting, generate renewable energy on-site and eliminate waste sustainably. Industrial blockchain technology plays a key role in carbon trading and carbon footprint tracing. ROOTCLOUD offers a carbon neutral solution that seamlessly combines IIoT technology with industrial blockchain technology.

Carbon neutrality with ROOTCLOUD

One-stop Service

ROOTCLOUD cooperates with the world’s leading inspection, certification, and consulting organization, to provide a one-stop service to help customers reach net zero emissions. We are committed to providing our clients with scientific carbon-neutral methodologies and implementation guidance.

Way to Net Zero Emissions

ROOTCLOUD provides customers with a solution for a low-carbon machine manufacturing cycle, from carbon accounting, carbon footprint tracking to attaining the goal of net zero. ROOTCLOUD uses cutting-edge IoT and industrial blockchain technologies to help businesses achieve carbon neutrality step by step.

Reaching carbon neutrality with IIoT and blockchain technologies

Achieving net zero requires a fundamental change to a enterprise’s business system, which will result in tectonic shifts in its production method. With cutting edge IIoT and industrial blockchain technology, ROOTCLOUD provides a Smart Carbon Management Platform to calculate real-time carbon emissions and track carbon footprints to help enterprises shift seamlessly and achieve carbon neutral.

Industrial blockchain Applications for Carbon Neutral

With industrial blockchain at its core and zero carbon emissions as its goal, ROOTCHAIN offers a mature blockchain platform and industry solutions to enable companies to trace their product carbon footprints and TOKEN-based corporate carbon trading.

Traceability of Product Carbon Footprints

With the entire product life cycle as the main line, ROOTCLOUD Carbon Neutrality Solution collects carbon emissions from raw materials to product manufacturing and sales, trace product carbon footprints, and issue carbon emission labels to products via industry associations (alliances) to accelerate the construction of a zero-carbon industry system.

Enterprise Carbon Trading Based on TOKEN

The solution help enterprise build a carbon asset account book and support internal and external transactions based on blockchain technology; It helps enterprises establish a carbon governance mechanism and encourage enterprise to participate in carbon accounting and actively implement energy-saving and emission-reducing measures. What’s more, in energy trading, such as electricity trading, industrial blockchain technology is ripe of used, which will expand the enterprise usage scenario.

Reaching net zero and leading by example

We are committed to becoming the world’s leading IIoT and industrial blockchain technology partner for enterprises, governments, and institutions and equipping them with the technologies and expertise to help the industry become more environmentally friendly in manufacturing.

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