Aftermarket Service Solution

What is Aftermarket Service Solution

The integrated aftermarket service solution from ROOTCLOUD is designed for OEM manufacturers, machine leasers and channel/service providers in industries such as construction machinery, special vehicles (high-altitude operating vehicles, fire trucks, sightseeing vehicles), lifting and loading equipment, heavy tunneling/mining machinery and coal/petrochemical machinery. Its features include remote maintenance, spare parts sales, operation monitoring, leasing/financing risk assessment and high-quality customer remarketing.

How can you benefit from our Aftermarket Service Solution?

For Equiment Vendors

No matter whether you are an OEM manufacturer or an equipment channel/service provider, you can use ROOTCLOUD aftermarket service solution with the most advanced IIoT technologies to remotely monitor equipment historical data and diagnose equipment faults online, thereby reducing the cost of human labor. It can greatly reduce after-sales costs to solve simple problems online.

We also provide a platform to sell parts and components online, improve aftermarket sales channels, and increase after-market service income for you. With Rootcloud AI technologies, monitoring and calculating equipment historical data can allow customers to give adequate sales forecasts, discover high-quality customers and achieve sales growth.

For Equipment Renters

No matter whether you are an equipment leasing company or an equipment financing provider, you can use Rootcloud aftermarket service solution with the most advanced IIoT technologies to manage online the leasing applications, leasing approvals, maintenance, asset inspection, risk assessment and early warnings, and cost clearing. The above leasing operations can be completed online, greatly improving your business efficiency.

You can also analyze the historical machine conditions. The platform automatically evaluates residual values and customers’ historical rental records with AI technologies to help them make the correct decisions in time.

Key Solutions

Smart Remote

Operation and Maintenance

With our solution, you can obtain equipment historical IoT data for online diagnosis, reducing unnecessary travel costs. By establishing a maintenance knowledge base, you can help customers and maintenance engineers quickly grasp the historical operating conditions of equipment and quickly locate the problems. You can also set up early warnings based on specific conditions to reduce unplanned equipment downtime and improve customer experience.

  • Equipment real-time operating conditions; automatic early warning

  • Work order system (supporting automatic work orders, remote work orders, and on-site work orders)

  • Archive equipment history

  • Establish maintenance knowledge base


Proportion of Remote work orders


Repair time


Management efficiency


Customer satisfaction

Smart Online Leasing

ROOTCLOUD Aftermarket Service Solution can help equipment leasing operators or equipment loan & financing organizations in the online management not only of equipment, but also of the online approval of equipment renting applications and contract signing that gets rid of cumbersome paperworks.

At the same time, you can learn about the applicant’s background historical records in your business. By AI analysis, you can accurately evaluate the customer’s credibility. With the equipment IoT historical data, Rootcloud will automatically calculate the equipment residual value, so that you can figure out the amount of quota you can approve for your customer. You can also set alarm rules according to the equipment status, and receive notifications in time when the equipment is abnormal to reduce equipment risks.

  • Online renting application and contract signing
  • Smart risk assessment of user credit and equipment residual value analysis
  • Alarm of abnormal equipment status

Smart Customer Operation and Remarketing

For OEMs and equipment operators, our aftermarket service solution also provides a spare parts sales platform, allowing your customers to purchase original parts online and effectively increasing the rate of repurchase. We can also provide you with a rental and sales platform for idle equipment to effectively help your customers optimize asset management and improve equipment utilization. In addition, the platform also provides complete customer portraits with AI technology to help you identify high-quality customers and grasp market opportunities in time.

  • Spare parts sales platform
  • Idle equipment rental and sales platform
  • Customer portrait analysis
  • Quality customer analysis

Smart equipment monitoring


Management efficiency


Operating costs


Payment collection

  • Remote monitoring of equipment fault

  • Equipment operation efficiency monitoring

  • Equipment operation safety monitoring

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