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What is IoT Works?

IoT Works ( Data Computing Service ) is a PaaS product based on ROOTCLOUD Platform for development engineers and technicians with a background in data analysis, providing management tools for development and O&M. These tools visualize streaming computing tasks, help project implementers quickly build computing tasks based on equipment IoT data and external business data, shorten the development time required for projects, improve the delivery of the projects, and tap into the maximum value of IoT devices for users.

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How does it work?

IoT Works supports Apache Flink stream processing and batch computing, and data integration with various external relational databases such as MySQL, PostgresSQL, and Oracle, and the message-oriented middleware (MOM), Kafka. With its powerful data stream processing and batch processing capabilities, it helps enterprises access real-time IoT data and historical business data, and compute the data in real time to tap into the value of the results and data.

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Hightlight Features of IoT Works (Data Computing Service)


Streaming computing uses small windows to aggregate and compute total output in real time. The window uses minimum time units like second or minute.

Low code

No code is required for data computation, or only Flink SQL statements are required for use.

Low learning cost

Streaming and batch computing use the same computing engine Flink, so learning and O&M deployment have relatively low costs.

Easy release

Adding and modifying features does not require QA, pre-release or special release with real data.

Highly integrated

Task streams can directly read real-time and historical data from the ROOTCLOUD Platform, without data integration tools for secondary import and then computation.

What can you benefit from IoT Works?

As a data processing low-code tool to help SaaS applications build backend data computing logic.

As a data proof-of-concept tool to quickly build proof-of-concept projects for data computation capabilities.

As a data dumping tool to dump real-time data from the ROOTCLOUD Platform to a specified external relational database or MOM, Kafka.

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