Industrial Blockchain Platform

A powerful block application integrating data and businesses in the chain

Industrial Blockchain

What is Industrial Blockchain?

With the technologies of IIoT, the ROOTCLOUD Industrial Blockchain Platform provides various industrial solutions for the industrial chain, including industrial credibility data collection, credibility data management, industrial distributed ledger, sharing with mutual trust, flexible supervision and industrial chain collaboration, to help industrial enterprises build up their credibility business networks.

What problems will enterprises have when using industrial blockchain technology?

High technical requirements

Due to high barriers to entry, the blockchain technology is difficult for SMEs to access.

High operation and maintenance costs

The deployment and operation and maintenance costs of the underlying blockchain networks are high, and enterprises need to invest a lot of time, energy and personnel.

Information asymmetry between industries

It is difficult for enterprises to cooperate to enhance the value of the industry because each enterprise in the industry is competing for its own good.

Low resource utilization

Blockchain enterprises repeatedly invest in infrastructure construction, and the utilization rate of resources is not high.


Build a digital ecological IIoT credibility platform integrating management, transactions and credits

Industrial product traceability

Rely on blockchain, industrial Internet and other technologies to record the credibility of industrial products. It enables users at each node of the supply chain to quickly and rapidly trace the real information about the whole life cycle of the industrial products.

The traceability records cannot be tampered with.

The data on the chain are automatically synchronized with the ones on the nodes and cannot be tampered with

Improve the efficiency of collaboration among all supply chain entities

All nodes share credibility data to reduce communication costs and improve collaboration efficiency

Transparent sharing of product information

Reduce isolated data and make information sharing more transparent

Facilitate supervision by government departments

Quickly locate problems and find out traceable sources, destinations and responsibilities

Supply chain finance

Display the whole supply chain business and logistics flow through blockchain technology, and provide end-to-end panoramic view.

Smart contracts are used for structural closure, revenue self-reimbursement and verticality of management required for risk control in the supply chain finance.

For Platform operator

Help upstream and downstream enterprises to solve their capital problems, reduce the transaction costs of the whole industry and improve the connection between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain.

Strengthen the data analysis ability, reshape the competitiveness of the industry, and make the development of the industry orderly and sustainable.

For Platform enterprise account

The low-cost financing helps enterprises solve their capital problems.

The enterprise asset revitalization helps enterprises expand business.

Credibility certificate

It helps industrial enterprise users empower industrial chain collaboration based on industry-related scenarios and industrial Internet. It builds a credible business network with the credibility certificates in the whole industrial chain, improves business flow, logistics flow and information flow of the chain, and facilitates collaboration on the capital root chain credibility certificate platform.

File/text certificate

The traditional files or long texts such as proof files, transaction certificates, contracts and bills are stored in the chain to provide reliable storage and verification services, which not only facilitate the management of electronic documents, but also provide credible electronic evidence.

Equipment asset certificate

The invoices, certificates of title, sales contracts, mortgage registration and other important certificates or transaction records of large equipment assets are stored in the chain, providing traceability services for the subsequent verification, mortgage, transaction, lease management and value evaluation of equipment assets, and improving the efficiency of management, financing and disposal of equipment assets.

Credible work order certificate

All work orders and response records about the equipment are stored in blockchain in the form of credibility certificate, so as to define the responsibilities and improve collaboration efficiency between departments or multiple maintenance service providers, provide an important basis for production planning and product improvement of manufacturing enterprises with credible work order data, and satisfy users’ whole life cycle management of equipment through credible maintenance work orders.

IoT key data certificate

Connect with ROOTCLOUD IoT platform to access IoT data conveniently and store them in the chain. The stored data cannot be tampered with. A system is built for credibility data sharing, which can help locate equipment historical data in time, such as tracking important machine status and location at a certain point in time.

Electronic payment voucher

Core enterprises or other qualified enterprises can issue electronic payment vouchers to pay for goods according to the real transaction. Suppliers at all levels can choose to cash them in advance, split them for transfer or cash them at maturity after receiving them.

Manageable trading risk

Through the portrayal of complete and real industry chain transaction, financial institutions can turn the original high-risk individual transactions, which are not easy to finance, into overall controllable and financeable industry chain transactions.

Effectively resolve debt problems

Effectively solve the problems of triangular debts among suppliers, and timely obtain financial support with costs lower than before, so as to better organize productions

Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

Smooth the capital flow of suppliers at all levels of the industry chain to allow suppliers to focus more on organizing production and improving product quality, ultimately improving the quality of the industry chain and making core enterprises more competitive

Ensure data security

Ensure the authenticity and non-tamperability of data; ensure the privacy of data and prevent leakage of trade secrets: data privacy protection, distributed ledger and ledger encryption technology.

Guarantee the security of funds

Directly interact with the fund clearing banks; coordinate different participants in the business network: distributed ledger


Give full play to the industrial blockchain applications and build up collaboration of credibility data and value

Controllable security

The whole production process is made traceable, credible, transparent and safe to control

Efficiency improvement

Supply chain collaboration and overall efficiency improvement

Benefit enhancement

The collaboration between industry and finance and the transmission of credits solve multi-level financing needs

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