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What is CloudData Visualization?

CloudData Visualization is a multi-scenario visualization tool for production, operation and government supervision of industrial activities. The powerful IoT capabilities and the combination of machine digital twins and business models on ROOTCLOUD platform, bring new operations, display interfaces, and machine interactions for the industry.

Why do you need CloudData Visualization?

Your business is developing and changing so fast that executives need to get hold of real-time enterprise operation information for better management

The previous data obtained by the enterprise management team are mostly collected manually in an offline statistical report with slow response and delayed feedback, possibly reducing the timeliness and accuracy of the analyses based on these report data.

The project contract management progresses very slowly, and the company’s production management personnel do not have the real-time data for reference to adjust their decisions

There are too many businesses to tend to, including production, sales, and procurement that require cross-sectoral coordination and effective tracking tools to give timely feedback on the production processes, so that the correct decisions can be made in time.

There is a gap between corporate statistics and actual business statistics, making enterprises unable to adapt to fast business development

The data can only be reported in a fixed format, and data are acquired mechanically and partially, making it impossible to give actual real-time feedback. As a result, the reports are far from being based on actual business data, but generating and editing them is still very time-consuming and laborious.


On the IoT platform, the digital twins of the machines are integrated with the business models, enabling real-time monitoring and operation and maintenance on a large screen

WYSIWYG configuration only requiring you to drag and drop to visualize things on a large screen

The CloudData Visualization design team provides users with 2D, 2.5D, and 3D equipment material libraries, which currently cover 61 industries such as construction machinery, electric power, air compressors and textiles through years of accumulation of actual field knowledge, for users to choose from when they are configuring their large screens.

The CloudData Visualization design team also provides customized services, such as digital twin factories, 3D digital marketing, and 3D assembly process guidance.

The CloudData Visualization design team will regularly look for high-quality cases from a large number of real projects and make them as templates. Currently, multiple case templates such as in-factory equipment and after-market have been available to help users design their screens
Provide interactive components such as geographic tracking, tracks on map, heat distribution, 3D earth, etc., supporting custom component access, and complete visual analysis related to spatial geographic data
Support access including ROOTCLOUD IoT platform data, relational database, local CSV upload, online API, and dynamic requests
Support BI functions such as data filtering, multi-dimensional drilling analysis, data linkage analysis, trend analysis, and aggregation analysis to provide users with self-service exploratory analysis
Support online URL viewing and sharing to enable displays on multiple terminals, mobile, PC and large screen


Form a business and service data display system to help business develop through the connection and analysis of business data

The monitoring of enterprise production from equipment to operation

  • Build equipment digital twins, and remotely monitor and control equipment on cloud with ROOTCLOUD platform IoT capabilities.
  • Build a digital simulator of the production line based on equipment digital models, improve production efficiency, and enable operation and maintenance of equipment health.
  • Establish a corporate operation performance system based on data of production, logistics, quality, finance and other sectors to enable the comprehensive evaluation of enterprise operations and user portraits

Improve industrial data value

  • Support efficient access to various types of mass data sources, and real-time data source update

Quick development & professional services

  • Shorten the development cycle, reduce production costs, and automatically bind massive pieces of equipment with their models. Solve a variety of professional customization needs with a professional service team

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