AI Platform

An advanced platform built with AI technology for the industry

What is the AI Platform?

On the AI Platform, users can efficiently carry out the full life cycle development of machine learning, including feature engineering, model training and model launching. At the same time, it possesses a large number of knowledge map analysis tools, and integrates data processing, model processing, online monitoring, and data analysis as an artificial intelligence foundation platform for industrial sectors.

How can you benefit from AI Platform?

Acquire industrial modeling know-how

Industrial AI development is the engineering of a compound system, requiring talents with expertise in both AI sectors and industrial sectors to empower business. Industrial enterprises lack experience in AI development and application, so they need to do a lot of tests and trials to adapt AI technologies to their own business scenarios, resulting in high R&D costs.

Improve model reusability

Our solution can help enterprises establish a management architecture unifying the construction of the AI platform to reduce repetition in construction and save enterprise resources.

Strengthen the monitoring and O&M of enterprises’ models

A sharing mechanism can be created with our solution for AI assets such as data, algorithms, computing power and models, gathering AI assets within enterprises to improve business competitiveness.

What we offer

Establish a business-based data system and assist business development through extraction and connection of business data

Data pre-processing tool components

We help enterprises assess and improve the quality of data for machine learning, and make the best use of the limited data to produce more equivalent data and manually expand the training data sets by providing tool components for data preprocessing, cleaning and augmentation.

Model automation and tuning

We provide an interactive interface for enterprises, in which personnel can set the tuning range of hyperparameters, select machine learning models and parameter tuning algorithms, and realize the automatic tuning of hyperparameters.

Built-in algorithm and model

We provide commonly used statistical analysis and visualization tools, machine learning frameworks and algorithms, and built-in industrial models on the AI Platform, which can template machine learning models and improve the efficiency of enterprises in machine learning and training.

Full life cycle management

Our solution realizes the full life cycle management of models, and provides one-stop services for a series of processes such as model development, model training and evaluation, model deployment and publishing, operation and maintenance, model archiving and so on.

Rapid development of industrial applications

Our solution offers a templated interface between models and front-end presentation to help enterprises quickly build web pages displayed on the front end. At the same time, a low-code platform is provided, which can help enterprises quickly build industrial applications without front-end page development for model publishing.

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