AI Platform

An advanced platform built with AI technology for the industry

What is the AI Platform?

On the AI Platform, users can efficiently carry out the full life cycle development of machine learning, including feature engineering, model training and model launching. At the same time, it possesses a large number of knowledge map analysis tools, and integrates data processing, model processing, online monitoring, and data analysis as an artificial intelligence foundation platform for industrial sectors.


Why do you need AI Platform?

Lack of industrial modeling knowhow

Industrial AI development requires the engineering of a composite system. It is necessary to employ advanced talents that both master AI and understand the professional industrial knowledge for integration and innovation. Meanwhile, most industrial enterprises are short of AI development and application experience, and need to debug constantly while taking into account their own business scenarios. This fast R&D process can cost a lot.

Low model reusability

Each business unit of the enterprise has purchased a large number of its own artificial intelligence technologies and capabilities. However, there is no unified control architecture nor unified AI platform to manage all these resources, which often results in repeated construction.

Insufficient model monitoring, operation and maintenance

There is a need of a unified AI infrastructure to set up a cooperative and sharing mechanism integrating data, algorithm, computing power, model etc., and to aggregate internal AI assets to boost the AI development.


Establish a business-based data system and assist business development through extraction and connection of business data

  • Data quality assessment
  • Data cleaning tool
  • Data enhancement tool
Set the range of hyperparameter tuning in the interactive interface, select the model and the algorithm for tuning parameters, and automatically tune the hyperparameters.
  • Built-in common statistical analysis and visualization tool
  • Built-in common machine learning framework and algorithm
  • Built-in common industrial model
  • Model creation with templates

One-stop service of model development, version management, model training, model verification and evaluation, model deployment, model launching, model operation and maintenance, and model archive.

  • Templated interface of model and front-end display
  • No need for front-end web page development for model launching
  • Rapidly developed low-code industrial application



Improvement in the industrial data value

Support multiple modes of data access
Support data set management and data set version launching
Support data check, data cleaning, data selection, and data enhancement


Improvement in the AI service efficiency

One-stop model service supporting data access, data processing, data visualization, automatic feature engineering, model development, model training, model verification and evaluation, deployment at one click, operator management, model store, and model launching


Reduce the threshold of using industrial AI

Model with templates by selecting model templates according to the industrial scene
Built-in operator library and industrial model library where business personnel can drag and drop easily for modeling
A variety of AI engines and the integrated Jupyter Lab visualize models for data scientists and model developers

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