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What is ROOTCLOUD Platform?

ROOTCLOUD Platform is an essential industrial IoT (IIoT) platform for companies in the digital transformation which can collect and store machine data, send alarms, and manage machines remotely. With our solution, users can easily connect all their production machines to our ROOTCLOUD Platform, collect and analyze machine data, and improve their machine OEE. These massive, real-time, high-frequency IoT data can be used for AI technology modeling and prediction. Our AI Platform connects, integrates, and optimizes the customers’ existing business processes such as equipment operation and maintenance, process monitoring, and quality inspection. The ROOTCLOUD AI and big data technology predicts and learns from faults, process flows, and quality inspection, to reduce dependence on experience.

Digital Twins

Everything can be made into a digital twin

On the ROOTCLOUD platform, you can digitally model any equipment. The platform can “analyze” the data reported by the equipment such as location, status, real-time operating conditions, temperature, current, and voltage through big data analysis, artificial intelligence modules, equipment life cycle prediction and production monitoring, energy consumption prediction and other capabilities.

Open, Cooperative & Safe

How does it work?

The ROOTCLOUD platform opens the platform capabilities to the public network through OpenAPI, helping users solve problems such as too many industrial communication protocols and types of heterogeneous data, and complicated access and integration procedures, and high data storage costs. At the same time, the enterprise’s multi-level account management system is connected with the platform, simplifying the tedious authentication and authorization processes, managing roles and permissions in a unified manner, and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Safety is our first priority

Multi-level and end-to-end security protection


  • Chip hardware encryption (TPM/TEE)

  • Safe OS (Isolation) (lightweight)

  • Terminal security software (lightweight)

  • Equipment software and hardware anti-tampering


  • Identification and filtering of IoT protocols and applications

  • Processing of millions of concurrent connections

  • Encryption of transmission protocols in wireless networks and wired networks

  • Protection from DDos attacks


  • Cloud security operation and maintenance center

  • Situational awareness of safety based on big data

  • Continuous threat detection

  • Early warning and timely coordinated protection

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Flexible Deployment

Public Cloud

  • Suitable for small and medium enterprises
  • Information can be shared with the company’s upstream and downstream partners
  • Easy to expand and upgrade
  • Cost-effective
  • No need for an extra operation and maintenance team

Private Cloud

  • Suitable for large enterprises
  • Real-time control on things
  • Stable and reliable with less network delay
  • Higher costs with super services
  • A professional operation and maintenance team

Hybrid Cloud

Suitable for enterprises that have hardware and intranet resources, but need to share data and information with the upstream and the downstream. Hybrid cloud inherits the openness and resilience of public cloud and the high security and autonomy of private cloud.


See a customer review on the Gartner Peer Insights

ROOTCLOUD platform has an advanced technical structure, stable functions and superior performance, especially the digital asset management platform which meets our business management requirements. As the platform is easy to use and user friendly, our equipment operators use this platform every day, it really helps them reduce operation time and improve work efficiency.

Review from a Customer Invited by Gartner


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