Next Generation IIoT Platform for Industry 4.0

Digital transformation of the enterprise’s entire value chain

ROOTCLOUD platform 4.0 focuses on strengthening IIoT capacity, providing customers with end-to-end in-depth solutions for equipment access, IoT visualization and industry applications, and helping companies in digital transformation with low cost, low risk and low barriers for entry.

Industrial chain platforms
Categories of industry equipment
Countries and regions around the world

Digital transformation of industrial enterprises


  • Low-cost universal connection
  • 99%+ automatic recognition, plug and play
  • Pay-as-you-go


  • Independent, controllable, flexible and configurable middle platform for industrial operations
  • 100% microservice support
  • Develop upper-level applications


  • Use AI as the primary driving force
  • Based on OT & IT data processing analysis
  • Modeling & learning
  • Discover each core industrial value


  • Empower industry leaders
  • Create applications that highlight industrial value
  • More than 10 times the efficiency of output compared to SaaS input


  • Protect customers’ safety in every way
  • End-to-end full-link security

Open, Cooperation, Safty

Open Platform Architecture

The ROOTCLOUD platform opens the platform capabilities to the public network through OpenAPI, helping users solve problems such as too many industrial communication protocols and types of heterogeneous data, and complicated access and integration procedures, and high data storage costs. At the same time, the enterprise’s multi-level account management system is connected with the platform, simplifying the tedious authentication and authorization processes, managing roles and permissions in a unified manner, and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Win-win mechanism for partners and manufacturers

Privatized deployment technology to empower business partners and build a network ecosystem.
SaaS applications of tenants, equipment access, concurrency, sales, and operations
SaaS applications of equipment and supporting accessories

Multi-level and end-to-end security protection


  • Chip hardware encryption (TPM/TEE)

  • Safe OS (Isolation) (lightweight)

  • Terminal security software (lightweight)

  • Equipment software and hardware anti-tampering


  • Identify and filter IoT protocols and applications

  • Process millions of concurrent connections

  • Encrypt transmission protocols in wireless network and wired network

  • Protection from DDos attack


  • Cloud security operation and maintenance center

  • Situational awareness of safety based on big data

  • Continuous threat detection

  • Early warning and timely coordinated protection

Security Qualification

Platform Security Qualification

ISO 27001, GB 17859-1999 Classification criteria for computer information system security protection
ISO 9001 Quality management system certification
Information system security level protection certification (level 3)
Industrial Internet Platform Trusted Service Certification
IaaS: Network Security Level Protection Level 3 Certification
PaaS: Network Security Level Protection Level 3 Certification
SaaS: Applying for certification and evaluation of Network Security Level Protection Level 3 (version 2.0)
Complies with the “Industrial Internet Platform Security Protection Requirements” issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Terminal Security Qualification

CE certification report
FCC certification report
EMC L4 certification

Digital Twins

Everything can be made into a digital twin

On the ROOTCLOUD platform, you can digitally model any equipment. The platform can “analyze” the data reported by the equipment such as location, status, real-time operating conditions, temperature, current, and voltage through big data analysis, artificial intelligence modules, equipment life cycle prediction and production monitoring, energy consumption prediction and other capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Flexible Deployment

Public Cloud

  • Suitable for small and medium enterprises
  • Information can be shared with the company’s upstream and downstream partners
  • Easy to expand and upgrade
  • Cost-effective
  • No need for an extra operation and maintenance team

Private Cloud

  • Suitable for large enterprises
  • Real-time control on things
  • Stable and reliable with less network delay
  • Higher costs with super services
  • A professional operation and maintenance team

Hybrid Cloud

Suitable for enterprises that have hardware and intranet resources, but need to share data and information with the upstream and the downstream. Hybrid cloud inherits the openness and resilience of public cloud and the high security and autonomy of private cloud.

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