T-AMS Mini

Mini but mighty

What is T-AMS Mini?

T-AMS Mini is independently designed and developed by ROOTCLOUD. It is a data acquisition and transmission device for professional equipment such as shared electric vehicles, logistics vehicles, high-altitude operation vehicles, light trucks, etc. In addition, it can also issue commands for equipment, position equipment in real time, lock/unlock equipment with protocols and carry out cloud communication.

The device shell is IP65 dustproof and waterproof with design of aluminum alloy to ensure the reliability of T-AMS Mini in common driving environment. At the same time, it also supports GPS and Beidou dual positioning services to ensure the accuracy of positioning. The device also supports CAN bus and RS485 bus interfaces, which can collect real-time vehicle status. Meanwhile, T-AMS mini has many other functions such as financial vehicle lock, regulation and restriction of speed, restriction of lifting, monitoring of empty and heavy load, and bad driving behavior detection.

The Power of Connection

How can you benefit from T-AMS Mini?

In traditional industries such as equipment time-sharing leasing, fleet management, and logistics, most of the times, it is impossible to monitor the real-time location and status of vehicles, causing management difficulties and problems such as equipment failures that cannot be traced. After connecting the equipment through T-AMS Mini, you can get real-time information about the equipment’s startup and shutdown status, fuel consumption, location, etc., which can help you make a better operation plan and fully improve equipment operation efficiency and productivity. Through the remote machine locking and unlocking and ROOTCLOUD’s after-market solutions, you can greatly reduce costs and improve efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance, lease and credit management.


4G Network


Data collection

Dual mode positioning

Alarm of anomaly

Cloud Management

Product Parameters

Wireless communication: 4G (fitting all networks), BLE 5.0
Positioning services: GPS, BeiDou(Compass)
Firmware upgrade: OTA
Data acquisition: CAN bus (1-way high-speed CAN), RS485 bus (compatible)
Operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
Shell protection: IP65
Physical specification: 90mm x 58mm x 17mm

Working perfectly with MachineLink+

MachineLink+ is a construction machinery management platform developed by ROOTCLOUD. When T-AMS Pro connects to your equipment, you can manage your equipment anytime and anywhere on MachineLink+ by learning the status and analyzing the operation history of your equipment, arranging equipment operation plan, repair and maintenance, and reduce unplanned downtime to improve equipment management efficiency.

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