Construction Machinery Remote Management Platform

What is MachineLink+

MachineLink+ is a construction machinery IoT asset management solution.

On this Saas Platform, no matter where you are, you can remotely monitor heavy equipments in real time by using a mobile phone or laptop.

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Core Functions of the IoT Asset Management Solution

8 core functions are designed to help construction/heavy machinery fleet managers to monitor their equipment better, improve equipment production and troubleshooting efficiency, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Fleet Status

Fleet Tracking

Location & Geo-fence

Fuel Usage

Warning & Alarm

Maintenance Support

Work Report

Operator management

Our Key Values

Benefit from our IoT asset management solutions

Efficiency improvement

Through MachineLink+, your machine data can be managed in a centralized way with no more reliance on unnecessary operator’s feedbacks. It will significantly improve your management efficiency.

Risk control

You can monitor machine working conditions with MachineLink+ alarms. Timely alarms on security events are provided to prevent equipment failures.

Cost Control

You can improve equipment utilization and reduce cost of using equipment through analysis of equipment fuel consumption and trajectory.

Global Network Integration & Security

The 7 major servers integrate data flows to a new technical level. On the ROOTCLOUD platform, users can manage the global business in real time, and make business decisions with powerful data support.

Platform Security Qualification

ISO 27001, GB 17859-1999 Classification criteria for computer information system security protection
ISO 9001 Quality management system certification
Information system security level protection certification (level 3)
Industrial Internet Platform Trusted Service Certification
IaaS: Network Security Level Protection Level 3 Certification
PaaS: Network Security Level Protection Level 3 Certification
SaaS: Applying for certification and evaluation of Network Security Level Protection Level 3 (version 2.0)
Complies with the “Industrial Internet Platform Security Protection Requirements” issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Terminal Security Qualification

CE certification report
FCC certification report
EMC L4 certification


What Our Customers Say

Customer Testimonials

“Machines can be accessed on the platform easily and quickly. ROOTCLOUD is driving enterprise digital transformation based on IoT, AI and Big Data.”

A VP in the manufacturing industry

“ROOTCLOUD is an IIoT platform with great possibilities. It has excellent support for API and protocol data integration to MES, ICS and CNC machinery, and the technical support is very helpful.”

A CIO in the manufacturing industry

“ROOTCLOUD is a perfect partner, as we share the same customer-centric approach. ROOTCLOUD’s technology enables us to implement our strategy and to pursue our vision, offering innovative solutions that create real value.”

A CEO of a leading heavy machinery OEM

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