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The Network of ROOTCLOUD Ecosystem Provides Users Worldwide with Professional Support

Why Become a ROOTCLOUD Partner?

A great partnership is built on the basis of common goals, common commitments and mutual returns. ROOTCLOUD is committed to building an ecosystem of “technical platform + market traffic + ecological applications” with partners to bring customers the best choice. Partners are important members of the ROOTCLOUD ecosystem and the key to the implementation of the group’s P2P2B strategy plan.

The P2P2B model is a business-driven architecture, and it is also the strategic plan and principle that ROOTCLOUD has adhered to for a long time. We insist on focusing on product applications and solutions, gradually open technical interfaces to ecological partners, and support ecological partners to develop business solutions for customers in various industries. ROOTCLOUD will help these valuable business solutions enter the market, bring values to customers, and assist partners to succeed in business.

Through a variety of excellent industry solutions and global services, we provide partners with high-quality business support, enhance their service capabilities and increase their commercial value to help partners maintain a leading position in the market.

We Are Looking for

Channel Partner

We hope to cooperate with partners who understand and recognize the capabilities and core values of the ROOTCLOUD platform, and channel partners with industry customer resources and service experience, to provide professional support and services to global customers of the ROOTCLOUD platform.

SI Partner

We are looking for collaboration with more system integrators/service provider partners, especially those who have long-term focus on certain industries or vertical fields and who have more customer resources and program integration capabilities.

ISV Partner

We hope to collaborate with more independent software developers or industrial SaaS platform development partners, especially those who have long-term focus on certain industries or vertical fields.

Hardware Partner

We hope to cooperate with more partners in the hardware industry chain, especially brand partners who focus on a certain industry or vertical field.

Other Partner

In addition to the four types of partners above, we also hope to cooperate with partners in the IIoT industry to build a ROOTCLOUD ecosystem and provide advanced IoT technology for all walks of life.

Our Business Model


P2P2B means that we offer our partners an IoT platform with cutting-edge technology to provide efficient and stable integrated industrial IoT services to our business customers. As a builder of diversified ecosystem, we believe that by providing our partners with a reliable industrial IoT platform, we can utilize the experience they have gained in the verticals and provide more professional services to our customers. We help our partners serve more customers in their verticals and succeed in business with each other.




What we offer

We provide different partners with comprehensive market support, technical support and all-in-one delivery solutions, so they can focus on the areas they are good at, and leave other things to us.

Marketing Support

We provide our partners with comprehensive market support, and improve their market awareness and reputation through our marketing channels.

Technical Support

We provide for partners comprehensive technical supports, including development support, technical training, and support in solving technical problems encountered in their service.

Open Platform

We provide partners with an open ROOTCLOUD platform, mature SaaS products, and complete API tools. Whether you are a hardware manufacturer or a software developer, you can easily access the ROOTCLOUD platform

All-in-one Delivery Solution

No matter what kind of partner you are, we can provide a complete integrated delivery solution. Whether you are working on hardware, software, or communication operation, there are always corresponding solutions to help you focus more on your areas of expertise.

How Can You Benefit as a Rootcloud Partner

Project Cooperation

As a partner of ROOTCLOUD, you can get more opportunities for project cooperation. With the help of our successful experience in various industries and upstream and downstream partners, you can improve your overall project delivery capabilities to your customers.

Global Business

As a company of global business, ROORCLOUD has always been committed to business globalization. Therefore, as a partner of ROOTCLOUD, you can join ROOCLOUD’s global business and sell your products to the world.

Brand Awareness

By cooperating with ROOTCLOUD and through ROOTCLOUD’s influence and popularity in the industry, you can help yourself increase market exposure and brand awareness all over the world.

Business Innovation

By cooperating with ROOTCLOUD’s different partners to deliver solutions, you can acquire innovations in business model and improve your overall delivery capabilities and project revenue.

Our Partner Ecosystem

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Let’s See What Our Partners Say

ROOTCLOUD cooperates with world-renowned telecom operators to provide global unified contracts and ensure stable communication and reasonable communication costs.
Based on ROOTCLOUD Platform, AUEASE provides IoT hardware and solutions for logistics industry, including Smart Fleet Management, Smart Container Management, Smart Warehouse, Smart Cold Chain, etc.
ROOTCLOUD, the advanced technology partner of Amazon Web Services, bases industrial SaaS on various AWS, including EC2, S3, IoT Greengrass, IoT Core, Auto Scaling, Aurora, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Cognito, Kinesis, CloudWatch, etc.

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