ROOTCLOUD IIoT platform is proudly listed in the Gartnerยฎ Magic Quadrantโ„ข 2022 for the 4th consecutive year! The sustainable progress demonstrated our continuous recognition to solve global industrial operations challenges like sustainability, automation, remote operations, transformations, and global scalability.

Gartner claims that over the years ROOTCLOUD IIoT platform effectively enables real-time data collection, asset performance management, product life cycle management, intelligent services, and analytics across the industrial value chain and ecosystem. Meanwhile, ROOTCLOUD Edge, an on-premises solution has been allowing users to acquire, process, and analyze data in disconnected scenarios. These customer-centered solutions has enabled diverse industrial users to achieve operation excellence.

In the meanwhile, Gartner puts forward that ROOTCLOUDโ€™s center of gravity has been in China, and is quickly growing in other parts of Asia, Europe, and the U.S. In 2023, ROOTCLOUD will scale up aggressively globally to support large, multinational enterprises with large project requirements, and actively invest more time and effort to get value-added partners and develop a global implementation plan.