Thailand | ROOTCLOUD and ReAcc signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on industrial enterprises’ digital transformation process and realize the environmental sustainability for the society. It is the first MoU that ROOTCLOUD signed in Thailand.

For sustainable development, many countries are trying to find various measures to reduce global warming, and a helpful measure is the establishment of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power generation sector. RECs by ReAcc act as a tracking mechanism for green energies in a two-way connection between renewable energy generators and users, using blockchain-based platform to transform market access and make it easily traceable to meet their proof-of-impact procurement needs. Currently, the demand for renewable energy from power companies is showing a continuing trend. RECs play an important role in funding renewable energy development, particularly when the cost of renewable power generation has not been as competitive with the cost of conventional sources yet.

Our worthy partner, ReAcc, which is one-stop service online platform that enables renewable energy certificate trading to accelerate green energy usage, reduce global warming and make the world better. ReAcc works with I-REC standard, international renewable energy organizations and government agencies, and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), the issuer in Thailand, to provide customers with a credible and official RECs trading platform.

“The collaboration with ReAcc is meaningful, by combining our iCEP digital & blockchain capability with their capable trading platform, it will provide our customer with one-stop net-carbon solution from carbon monitoring to carbon abatement and enable them to realize carbon neutrality in the industrial sector.” said Mr. Ho Howe Tian, Managing Director of ROOTCLOUD (SEA & ANZ).

“We are very pleased that ReAcc has become our first MoU signing in Thailand,” said Dr. Puckpimon, Country Director of ROOTCLOUD (Thailand),“It is an important collaboration to accelerate the carbon neutrality agenda in Thailand; as more users can execute their carbon strategy in a more easy and comprehensive way.”


Established in June 2016, ROOTCLOUD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is an Industrial IoT unicorn since 2020. It’s trademark Rootcloud 4.0 Digital Platform has been recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant for past 3 consecutive years, connecting to 1,000,000 assets in more than 110 countries worldwide. ROOTCLOUD’s mission is to enable the acceleration of global industrial digital transformation and net zero carbon.