Piling Equipment remote control

The rotary drilling rig has become the main drilling equipment to replace the traditional impact drill or traditional rotary drill in piling because of its fast construction speed, good drilling quality and low environmental pollution.

As a professional piling enterprise focusing on the development and manufacture of small and medium-sized piling machinery, TYSIM Piling Equipment Co., Ltd, abbreviated as TYSIM, has rapidly expanded its global market with high reliability and quality, continuing growing its overseas revenue steadily. It exports a lot of products to more than 20 countries, including Australia, Russia, USA, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar and Zambia.

Win-win with ROOTCLOUD

The globalized competition has undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for enterprises‘ products, accessories and services. Not only do we need to have a strong international competitive advantage in product quality, but we also need to have more abundant construction techniques, solutions, accessories and other detailed supporting services for different types of piling, geological and engineering conditions in overseas markets. It also requires companies to have an international service staff and strong overseas service and support. The traditional technologies and staff management have become increasingly unsatisfactory to meet the development needs of these Chinese construction machinery enterprises with widespread global business.

In 2018, TYSIM cooperated with ROOTCLOUD to introduce industrial Internet into the R&D, production and on-site service of piling machinery. With the ROOTCLOUD platform, TYSIM connected more than 100 machines around the world, performed remote equipment management, monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction, smart after-sales service and other operations through MachineLink+, established a full life cycle smart equipment management system, effectively improved its efficiency in R&D, after-sales service and marketing, and built a data-driven product R&D system to share the data between actual usage and R&D. By analyzing the status of the product being used, professionals could improve product and upgrade product in a fast and reliable way.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, as engineers could not go to the sites to solve problems, TYSIM was able to conveniently and remotely manage its equipment around the world, solve all kinds of on-site problems without traveling, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and help customers carry out normal business, with the help of MachineLink+.

Piling Equipment remote control

Smart Aftermarket Service Solution

The life cycle of construction machinery is about 8-10 years. The relationship between the customer and the equipment manufacturer is not just about the sales of the equipment, but the customer always needs the service and support from the manufacturer when they use the equipment, including training, repair, maintenance, oiling, spare parts supply, second-hand equipment trading, rental, and equipment remanufacturing. The after-market after the sales of equipment has a huge potential and, at the same time, is a huge opportunity for companies to cope with the white hot competition and the homogenization of products in the industry, and to increase revenue and enhance customer stickiness. Especially in overseas markets, the quality and efficiency of after-market services directly affect the local market share.

With its in-depth understanding of the construction machinery industry, ROOTCLOUD has developed a smart after-market service solution while providing MachineLink+ remote management solution for construction machinery. This builds a perfect data collection and analysis closed loop, enabling core services such as smart scheduling, service order management, performance visualization report, and key parts traceability, mainly including:

Real-time data acquisition and return. Real-time collection of various parameters of equipment operation for each category, and storage of data for real-time analysis.

Remote asset management, geo-fence. Monitor and manage equipment anytime and anywhere. Manage equipment operation status and statistics (total working time, working volume, fuel consumption, engine speed, etc.) to facilitate work arrangement and provide basis for maintenance. In addition, geo-fences can also be deployed prevent the theft of equipment in high-risk locations;

Smart fault prediction and diagnosis. Through big data analysis of technical parameters, such as equipment overall or parts status, usage parameters, and parts wearing, and parts replacement data, historical fault records, service and parts demand prediction, technical support is provided for proactive service, extending equipment life and reducing fault rate.

With the assistance of ROOTCLOUD smart after-market services, a large number of Chinese construction machinery enterprises with global business like TYSIM, have effectively realized the storage, analysis and utilization of construction machinery data, monitored and optimized the parameters of equipment operating conditions, predicted and prevented faults in advance, dispatched internal and external service resources, and significantly improved the enterprise after-market revenue and the satisfaction rate of overseas customers.