In SINOBOOM Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd. (abbreviated as SINOBOOM), in front of a computer, an after-sales service employee is doing his daily work on a professional platform. It is the IIoT service platform of the company where all kinds of equipment parameters are clearly displayed. With the help of the platform, the service engineer can accurately determine the faults of the equipment in advance, and select and carry required parts before going to the site to repair the equipment. At the same time, according to the real-time data on the platform, service engineers can inspect the equipment and conduct preventive researches in case of future failures. Such a scene is often seen in enterprises like SINOBOOM which have adopted the IIoT technologies to improve services to their customers.

Proactive transformation: advance with IIoT technologies

High-altitude operation is dangerous. According to statistics, more than 50% of the construction accidents in China are falls from height. Since there are more and more high-altitude operations, the demand for high-altitude operation equipment is increasing very fast, and the after-sales services for this kind of equipment are also greatly needed. SINOBOOM is a fast growing construction machinery manufacturing enterprise under such a trend. In 10 years, SINOBOOM has rapidly increased its production from several hundred units per year to thousands of units per year, exporting its products to Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America, Europe and other markets in the world.

However, information flow supported by traditional tools, such as ERP, telephone and e-mail, has low feedback accuracy and long delay. For equipment with high safety requirements like high-altitude operation trucks, after-sales services are becoming increasingly complicated.

“For example, if a customer has a piece of equipment that has broken down, his depiction is not always accurate, and when we send our service personnel to the site, we find that the actual problem differs greatly from the customer’s description. This leads to two service problems: first, problems cannot be repaired in a timely and effective manner, which reduces the operating rate of equipment and also affects the business of our customers; second, because the repair is time-consuming and personnel must visit the site in person to solve the problem, service costs are getting higher and higher for equipment manufacturers like us.” said LIU Guoliang, chairman of SINOBOOM Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd.

With the help of IIoT technologies, the T-AMS module can be installed in the equipment to collect and analyze the data in real time and accurately monitor and solve problems, making services more proactive. SINOBOOM attaches great importance to the industrial Internet technologies. It hopes that through the industrial Internet, it can improve the efficiency and safety of its equipment, and reasonably allocate SINOBOOM’s service resources with the help of big data analysis.

“Why does SINOBOOM choose to cooperate with ROOTCLOUD for this important transformation? First, their team has a good foundation in industrial applications, and they understand very well what the customers need and what is important to the customers’ equipment, so that they can develop a practical and usable platform. Second, I think they are very professional. They know how to stand in the shoes of third parties for their services, and know what services the customers need and what services it should develops, which is exactly what our business needs.” said LIU Guoliang, chairman of SINOBOOM Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd.

In the company’s 10th anniversary celebration, LIU Guoliang, chairman of SINOBOOM expressed that since the company’s customers are mainly equipment leasing companies, now SINOBOOM has greatly improved the efficiency of equipment management. It used to be considered good if a person could manage 50 units, but now one person can manage 100-200 units. At the same time, manufacturer can also monitor the operation status of the product, so that it is easier to know how to improve the quality of the products and services.

MA Jun, director of the company’s service department, said, “the IIoT platform has helped SINOBOOM achieve a lot of things. Customer service has improved by 15%; customer satisfaction has increased by 6%, and the monthly online order volume has been stable between 400 to 450 orders. Now, customers can use cell phone APP, WeChat and telephone to report faults, which is very convenient.”

Outlook for future: cooperate with ROOTCLOUD to build up international renown

When it comes to the development goal of the next five to ten years, LIU Guoliang, chairman of SINOBOOM said that firstly, SINOBOOM is planning to become a first-class high-altitude operation platform enterprise in the world, and secondly, it hopes to become a respectable and trustworthy brand with proactive safety strategies and maintenance services for customers in this field, so that with its help, workers do not need to worry about safety when working at a high altitude.

In the future, SINOBOOM will cooperate with ROOTCLOUD even closer to improve the operational efficiency of each piece of equipment through big data analysis and management optimization, perform regular preventive maintenance of equipment, improve its solutions and establish a perfect business model.