The world is changing before our eyes, and technologies are advancing at a rapid rate. As always, the changes come with challenges that we need to meet to thrive in 2022. Here, we have listed some of the heavy engineering challenges and trends that engineers will need to face to carry out their work smoothly.

Spare Parts Management

The volume of spare parts continuously increases at a fast rate. There are not enough organizations working for spare parts management. Poorly trained employees, excessive downtime, and lack of industry expertise and advanced technologies are some of the problems on the way to excellent resource utilization.

Engineers must find a more effective and profitable way to manage spare parts and reuse machine parts. Otherwise, in a short period, we might have a shortage of precious materials, resulting in slow technical advancement.

Integration of Industry and Finance

Integration of industry and finance plays a vital role in society as it provides insights and knowledge required to improve the existing processes by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. On the other hand, it also helps find new ways to solve a particular problem. But in recent times, the industry has been facing multiple issues, including defects of the financial ecological chain.

According to R&D World Magazine 2019 survey, around 65% of respondents found it difficult to find a knowledgeable and skilled professional. Budgeting is another challenge faced by the industry. Therefore, people must come up with solutions to encourage industry and finance integration and find more suitable, economical, and feasible ways of development.

Technical Advancement

Finding a way to develop new technologies and sustaining the old ones is another engineering challenge. Let’s illustrate this with an example. Previously, computerized databases replaced the traditional way to record temperature, voltage, and current.

As a result, there will be more suitable ways and more efficient manpower to carry out all the maintenance works cost-effectively. It is not only about the manufacturing industry. Other industries such as hydraulics, electrical, and digital industry are also benefiting from the same.

Existing Safety Concerns

We are seeing significant changes in the IoT world with the advancement in automation, and it has been accelerating production and efficiency in the heavy engineering sector. This dynamic shift from human workers has resulted in the change from repetitive and labor-intensive tasks to machines while simultaneously freeing up humans to conduct higher-level tasks.

It all sounds comforting to the ears, but some big challenges are also attached to this field. The whole integration process needs a flawless interaction between all the components within a system. As everything is controlled by software via the internet, there is always a privacy and safety threat due to the increasing rate of cybercrimes. Engineers need to develop a more robust cybersecurity environment when it comes to a virtual assistant and IoT integration, as in some cases, it is a matter of life.

These are some of the heavy engineering challenges that we are facing. To cope with the changes and thrive in 2022, it is better to connect with a SaaS machinery management platform to get better control of your heavy assets.

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