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Heavy equipment contractors need to monitor heavy machinery so that they can locate and manage equipment whenever required. With digitalization heavy equipment monitoring solution, they can have all the necessary equipment data without going to the site.

In this article, we will discuss how digitalization helps monitor heavy equipment and what kind of technologies are being used to make it more streamlined.

How Does Digitalization Help to Monitor Heavy Equipment?

Heavy machinery is going through a digital transformation. It is becoming increasingly automated and connected, so contractors can deploy them more efficiently.

1. Streamline Operation Processes and Improve Efficiency

Renting is an inherently sustainable model. Digitalization for heavy equipment rental and leasing businesses can help improve internal efficiency. Often, this business model has many production and management problems, such as equipment diversification, equipment management decentralization, and low management efficiency.

Digital technologies can improve management by tracking the equipment digitally. In terms of availability, location, maintenance, and repair, IoT-enabled devices allow the operator to collect real-time data and analyze the equipment status, which means you can:

  • Monitor the condition of the equipment to know when they need to be maintained and distribute the resources according to the maintenance needs.
  • Gain more insight into utilization compliance with operating conditions and act swiftly in response.

2. Deepen Services

Nowadays, heavy equipment manufacturers have highly merchandised their products. They will create more value if they integrate more capabilities into heavy equipment monitoring which include a digital system to manage heavy equipment in real time and coordinate fleet activities.

Monitoring heavy equipment can provide further support services such as remote operations. Some might try to offer comprehensive services in an integrated package to provide a strong, differentiated offering and capture a large portion of the new value pool:

  • Clients can receive notifications of loans and insurance services to decide whether they want to extend the services.
  • Digitize your business to get more insight into equipment rental planning to maximize the ROI of digital transformation.

3. Empower Smart Construction

Digitalization is reshaping the heavy equipment monitoring, including streamlining operational processes and improving efficiency, deepening service contents, and the third level – empowering smart construction. Heavy equipment monitoring adopts smart technologies, e.g., IoT technology, edge technology, among others, to optimize daily operations, realizing:

  • Transit 3D data in real time to gather high-accuracy site and machine data from anywhere on your construction site, allowing the operator to visualize, measure, and share job site status.
  • Share real-time job site information and manage human resources, machines & materials accurately.
  • Analyze on-site heavy equipment activities to optimize digging and dozing.

All in all, heavy equipment of all types should become more digital in the quest to optimize investment in equipment, boost productivity, enhance safety and deliver more customer value. This multi-faceted embrace of technology to drive several beneficial outcomes is echoed worldwide across many industry segments, not just in heavy equipment monitoring.

With the help of digitalization, you can rest assured that your business is growing and your margins are improving.

Heavy Equipment Monitoring Success Story of ROOTCLOUD

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